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Camping Tips

From Third Age.com

While Harold Camping’s followers will be preparing for the end of the world this Saturday (May 21), non-believers across the United States are planning to have a little tongue-in-cheek fun by planning

“Rapture parties” as a source of amusement.

The 89-year-old leader of the ministry Family Radio Worldwide has predicted that Rapture will occur for believers Saturday, after which a five-month destruction of humanity will take place while devout followers are safe in heaven.

This is not the first time Camping has predicted Doomsday. Previously, he believed Sept. 6, 1994 was the day he and his followers would be taken to heaven, according to LiveScience.com. With that prediction obviously not coming to pass, he has now made use of a mathematical formula he believes is laid out in prophecies in the Bible.

And this time Camping is so sure of his math, he took an ad out in Reader’s Digest, stating: “The Bible guarantees the end of the world will begin with Judgment Day May 21, 2011.” He and his group have also been spreading the word via radio, satellite TV, billboards and even missionaries in such places from Latin America to Asia.

Until now Rapture only meant one thing to me.

Now it means two.

Blondie AND the Doors.


AnElephantCant be with you today. He’s busy writing letters to the paper.