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I Take It All Back!

I wrote here about my almost Luddite attitude to new technology.

I take it all back.

Last month daughter no. 2 who is great at saving money, treated herself to an iPod touch. I started off by saying “Pah! who needs one of them? I’ve got my faithful old housebrick of an MP3 player. It plays music! that’s all I need!”

But then I watched as she checked her email on the iPod. Then she would be watching a Youtube clip or checking out a website. There are all sorts of funny, interesting and curious ‘apps’.

It all became too much. I wanted, nay needed, desired this piece of frippery. I went out and increased the credit card balance yesterday and treated myself to the 32gb version.

It is seriously just about as much fun you can have with your clothes on.

Edit: AND you can sync with Spotify!!!!!!!!


5 Responses

  1. No, no, no!!

    I have had my old trusty (non- Apple) mp3 player for over 5 years, and it’s perfectly good (except occasionally it doesn’t work. And I can’t put any more music on it because the software isn’t compatible with Windows 7. And it’s a bit clunky and fiddly in searching for the music that is on it. And the only thing it does is play music, though sometimes it jams and I have to hit it with a heavy object to unjam it).

    So I will easily resist the blandishments of the shiny iPod.

    Sync with Spotify, eh?

    Well, in that case…..

  2. Sync with spotify? Are you getting commission from Mr Apple?

  3. A wee note of caution here though Alastair and Gavin. I forgot to mention that to sync with Spotify you have to upgrade to Spotify Premium which is £9.99 per month (which I have now done). However once you have synced your Spotify playlists you can listen to them ofline at 320kbs sound quality as I was in the car this morning.

    It is effing brilliant!

  4. Rab, just how DO you spell “sellout”? First it wis the soirees wi the marketing gurus from BIB, now you are selling yer soul tae the latest (hardly) gizmo from Apple, whit’s next?

    You are lucky to have Spotify, it is not available over here.

  5. I was the same as you Rab, poo-pooed iPods for years – until my old MP3 player died and I decided to get the biggest player on the market at the time so that I could accommodate my whole music collection.

    Which was the 160GB iPod Classic. And I’ve never looked back. In the words of Primal Scream: “I was blind, now I can see”.

    I would still never buy an iMac, iBook or iPad though.

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