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The ‘Power’ of Advertising?

An advert showing a blind footballer kicking a cat across a pitch was the most complained about advert in the UK last year.

The Paddy Power advert prompted 1,313 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The top ten complained about ads last year are listed here

It set me thinking that there’s hardly a branch of the media more likely to annoy or upset the population than that of the advert or commercial and partly that’s the insidious, almost indelible effect they have on us.

I occasionally forget my wedding anniversary, where I’ve parked the car, what I had for breakfast on a given day and paying my income tax on time. Adverts? what slogan do you want from the 60’s onwards? (Some of these are particularly Scottish ones)

There’s always change at Agnews, your beer is good
Beanz meanz nutritious, though flatulent food
Askit fights the miseries, don’t be caught on the hop
Once you open Pringles you just can’t stop

Probability suggests Carlsberg’s best
Interesting theory to put to the test
Sausages is the boys! Papa! Nicole!
Chicken soup is good for the soul

Kwik Fit fitters, the boys to trust?
Demand a Milanda with your hard earned crust
Can I borrow some coffee? -Just moved in
Go to work on an egg -It says on the tin

Access, yes your flexible friend
Is the manager in? – Is he ready to lend?
I’ve always thought it a bit of a joke
But apparently things go better with Coke

Guinness is good for you, don’t be vague
Afore ye go get a bottle of Haig
Rich white, old tawny, a mystery to me
Was that for Lanliq – or was it El D?

Who knows the secret of the Black Magic Box?
The mint’s got a bear on it, never a fox
The tagline, always a thing to repeat
Just what WAS half way down Robertson Street?

What gems have I missed?

4 Responses

  1. I worked for the ASA for a while. PC often affected their decisions and I see that has not changed.

  2. Pea and ham soup from a chicken
    That sure does sound finger lickin’
    Asda price so smack your ass
    Then ‘ave it in a big pint glass

  3. I remember cigars called Monte Cristo
    Aztec Bars and of course..Aaah! Bisto
    Double Diamond works wonders
    and other such blunders
    and that Mars Bar they say
    helped us work rest and play?

  4. Carrick Furniture Warehouse !

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