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The Man Who Won’t Take Advice

The unedifying process of Tommy Sheridan’s crash and burn continues.

He has been all over the social networking media declaring that he is going to appeal. This apparently will get right up the nose of the judge (Lord Bracadale) dealing with the case as no appeal can begin until sentencing has taken place.

I know that one cannot always believe what is written in the press (!) but this article would surely give Tommy food for thought?* The idea of continuing to represent himself is clearly absolutely crazy.

*Or will it?

So far he has rejected the advice of the SSP executive committee, his friends and allies, including George Galloway and two top notch QCs.

There is an old saying that he who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.

However Tommy it seems will go to his inevitable horrible fate protesting about conspiracies (To believe this conspiracy you have to accept that the SSP executive, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service and News International colluded together) whilst remaining unable to challenge the material evidence against him.

This article perhaps gives an insight into the original focus for the perjury investigation.

At the start of the defamation case against the News of the World, the natural instincts of many (including this blogger) would have been to support the political activist against the evil empire.

Tommy doesn’t seem to realise that that sentiment has long since evaporated.

If he wants to somehow resurrect his life he should perhaps take a leaf out of Jonathan Aitken’s book and ‘fess up. Aitken has said as much when commenting on the verdict.

But that would require Tommy to take some good advice.

He has no track record there.


Mystic Rab


Click here and here.

Going for the Burn

So yesterday the family and I, seeking a bit of relief from the Neerday cabin fever went over to Silverburn, a massive shopping mall on the south side of Glasgow. I had foregone the opportunity to see the Sons (as it turns out they lost 2-0 at Ayr) to spend some quality time with wife and weans.

Had a nice lunch in the overpriced but fairly good quality New York/Italian franchisey diner, Frankie and Benny’s.

I am not a shopper, so on my occasional forays to these places it’s like a voyage of discovery. Every time my confirmed views are embedded and yet there will always be a few observations which will surprise me even more.

A wee wander around confirms that a pair of similar quality jeans can cost anything from under a tenner to £150 or more. The going rate for Levis 501s is now eighty quid.

There was a collective madness going on. People fooled by the 35% or 75% off tickets were still parting with £60 for shirts or £50 for a bottle of perfume.

More and more, the retail economy is based on people getting into debt, paying way over the odds for products they don’t need and if there is a reduction in spending on these unnecessary products the economy is in trouble.

Anyway, yesterday’s eye opener was this:

This is a garra rufa fish and is the latest piece of must have frippery. What do you do with it do you think?

Are they a cheaper alternative to anchovies for embellishing a seafood dish?

Does one take them home and stick them in an aquarium?


What you do is cross an operators palm with silver and allow a few hundred of these blighters to eat the manky dead skin off your feet.

That’s right and judging by the number of women queuing up for the treatment, capitalism has found another easy way to part people from their hard earned.

BLFP correspondent Sneddy had told me of seeing these things on a foreign holiday last year so I suppose their arrival here was inevitable.

Crisis? what crisis?

Unemployment set to soar, big hike in tuition fees, inflation on the rise, fuel prices going through the stratosphere.

I could almost see the owner of the garra rufa fish look at them wistfully and saying ‘We’re all in this together!’