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The Fitba’

It’s a strange and capricious game right enough.

Of course managerial stints are usually short lived but what about the case of Newcastle United and Chris Hughton?

I remember Hughton well as a young left back at Spurs when I attended quite a few games at White Hart Lane in a previous life. He had a long career as a player and coach there and then after several stints as caretaker was appointed manager at Newcastle.

In his first full season, 2009-10 he gave the Magpies their best ever start to a league season.

He won the manager of the month award in August, September and November 2009 before leading United to promotion by winning the championship Winning 30, Drawing 12 and Losing just 4 of their games.

Of course going up to the Premiership was never going to be easy but they are mid table which is possibly about as good as they could have hoped for.

Newcastle have now of course sacked Hughton and gone for Alan Pardew who as well as leading West Ham to promotion has also been relegated twice to the champuionship and then sacked for poor subsequent showings.

Here is a passage from Pardew’s biog on Wikipedia:

So far in his career, Pardew has been involved in several controversial issues and events. In 2003, the BBC described him as being a “dangerous and distant animal” in the media, referring to his public relations abilities, which has led him to making several rash comments. When at West Ham, the club employed a media advisor for Pardew to help him win over sceptical fans. The following is a list of controversies Pardew has been involved in:

* In September 2003, Pardew resigned from Reading after being refused permission to become manager at West Ham. Reading’s chairman John Madejski attempted to create an injunction in the High Court to prevent him from moving to West Ham. Eventually Reading’s legal action was dropped, and Pardew joined West Ham after a period of gardening leave.
* In December 2005, Pardew stated a public interest in Crystal Palace striker Andy Johnson, without informing Palace manager Iain Dowie.
* In March 2006, Pardew had a dispute with Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger, after he criticised Arsenal for failing to field an English player in their UEFA Champions League win against Real Madrid. Wenger suggested that Pardew was being xenophobic, a claim Pardew denied, citing his marriage to a Swedish wife.

* In November 2006, Pardew had another dispute with Wenger after celebrating West Ham’s win over Arsenal. Wenger claimed he was “provoked” into pushing Pardew after Pardew’s celebrations at West Ham’s late win. Wenger was later fined by the Football Association, whilst Pardew was cleared of the charges in January 2007.
* In February 2007, shortly before Pardew’s new club Charlton faced West Ham, The Sun published a report documenting a video of one of Pardew’s media training sessions he took whilst manager at West Ham. In the video, Pardew jokingly made several disparaging comments about West Ham’s fans.
* In October 2007, Pardew intervened on the pitch in a match against Hull City to try and break up a confrontation between Charlton and Hull players after Lloyd Sam and Ian Ashbee were sent-off. Pardew denied he made the situation worse by intervening.
* In March 2009, on Match of the Day 2 Pardew stated that Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien “absolutely rapes” Man City player Ched Evans during a midfield tussle for the ball, in the sense that he bested him physically. The BBC said there will be no on-air apology, despite 35 viewer complaints, insisting it had been misheard as “rakes”, and expressing no certainty that Pardew would appear, or not appear on the show again.

Scots manager Billy Davies who has managed several English sides, once described Pardew as “Possibly the most unpleasant person I have ever met”

It is not known if Davies has ever met Newcastle owner Mike Ashley.

There may be trouble ahead………….

4 Responses

  1. Some comment from Billy Davies, words “pots” and “kettles” come to mind. A horrible arrogant little man

  2. We should by now have learned not to be surprised by the idiocy of football club chairmen/owners.

    But this one really takes the biscuit.

    Chris Hughton has done remarkably well in getting Newcastle to a relatively exalted Premier position, with the potential for better to come – Newcastle are one of the most dysfunctional, under-achieving clubs in British football, and Hughton has been as successful as any of their managers since the war.

    His reward is to be sacked and be replaced by a well-known headcase, who will undoubtedly pilot them to relegation, perhaps not this season (Hughton having given them a decent start) but, if not this, then certainly next.

    • Sorry

      In the light of Newcastle’s 3-1 win over Liverpool this evening, I now recognise that Mr Pardew is a manager of uncommon genius, who may well be able to pilot his side to the Premiership title this season despite the grievous points handicap that he has inherited from his ham-fisted, incompetent predecessor.

  3. I like it Al.

    A good first result and I see that Pardew is characteristically taking none of the credit –
    ‘We changed a few things’

    Liverpool are now on the same points total as fellow title challengers Blackpool and West Brom.

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