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Coming Soon to a Parliament Near You?

No editorial comment necessary.

“The disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life”

“I am not in favour of free speech”


8 Responses

  1. A complete and utter arsehole.

  2. Vile. Racist. Lover of terrorists and murderers, sycophant to dictators. He’ll be telling us Myra Hindley was a charming misunderstood woman next and Ian Huntley was a nice, child-loving individual.

    Jail this criminal

  3. Ah but who else other than Galloway could go into the heart of the beast and oh so eloquently give them a verbal shitkicking. I watched in awe his linguistic reaming of the US senator who had the audacity to question Galloway but neither the intellectual nor verbal skills to even begin a half assed comeback, wonderful. He has been declared a “terrorist” (whatever that is) by our Canadian government, I loook forward to his challenges through our court system. Have I missed something? Why does everyone dislike him so much, does he not just voice the alternate position? I have heard him attack anti semitism as well as anti Islamic radio callers. Anyone who really wants to understand the current mess in the middle east should read Robert Fisk’s book “The Great War for Civilisation”

  4. Tam, he has intellectual skills and no doubt. He is a fine orator and debater. You’re right, his performance at the senate was brilliant.

    The youtube clip above may be heavily edited but the meetings with Saddam and Uday Hussein would turn a stronger stomach than mine. His admitted declaration that the demise of the Soviet Union was “the biggest catastrophe in his life” surely sets some alarm bells ringing?

    The political leaders you hear him praise are almost exclusively autocratic dictators. That system would suit ol’ vainglorious George just fine and dandy.

    I can imagine him dreaming of being the leader of an independent Scotland or Britain, pontificating to everyone on a vast array of policy like an articulate Kim Jong Il from his Dacha whilst the rest of us sweat it out in the state factory for vouchers. I’d hope that daily prayer at the mosque would be optional but I’m by no means convinced.

    Western democracy sure ain’t perfect of course – far from it, but anyone who compares it unfavourably with the Soviet Union, Cuba or Syria is I would contend, quite clearly bonkers.

  5. LOL. You mean you would rather have Idi Amin as king of Scotalnd over old George? The demise of the Soviet Union seemed like a great idea at the time but I always had reservations. When they were behind that curtain they were not in competition with us but when it fell you had millions of skilled AND low paid workers viying for the same manufacturing jobs as people in the west. I have a Romanian student in one of my classes who sums it up this way, “In the old days the people had money but there was noting to buy in the shops, now the shops are full of expensive western products but the people have no money to buy them? Is one better than another?

  6. Two wrongs don’t make a right for sure.

    Communism had over 70 years in which to create a workers paradise in the Soviet Union and failed.

    The unfortunate and uncomfortable truth is, I would venture, that Russia and its sattelite states have been corrupt for hundreds of years. As monarchy gave way to communism and now to the mafia, only the administration of the corruption has really changed.

    As for another of wee George’s favourite places, Cuba, the difference between the average British worker and the average Cuban worker is that the former, unlike the latter, can afford a fortnight’s holiday in Havana.

    • Ah but the biggest difference between a Cuban worker and a British worker is that THEY get to bask on the most beautiful sandy beaches and look out on the clear blue sea while drinking Crystal beer, Cuba Libre’s and Mohitos, in the presence of gorgeous Cuban women. Meanwhile their British counterpart is freezing his arse of in the dreich wastelands of Manchester sipping warm bitter and watching Coronation St. on the telly across from his fag smoking, overweight nagging wife. Which would you choose? What the Cubans DO have and are very proud of is the highest literacy rate in the Carribean AND access to the best health care system in the region. What you really have to compare is the average Cuban during the Battista era versus those in the Castro era. If succesive fckunig anal US governments had not imposed the trade embargo with Cuba, the Island would be a lot more prosperous today, even under a Socialist regime. Viva Cuba! Viva la Revolution! Yankee No! Cuba Si. Did I ever tell you that I attended Cuban Revolution day festivities along with 500, 000 Cubans in Varradero, I was dissapointed that Fidel did not show up for the speeches.

  7. But Shirley Cuba was bankrolled by the USSR for years to offset the embargo from the Yanks.

    Of course I acknowledge their health and education standards are good by all accounts.

    But…….a workers paradise it ain’t.

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