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Wee Peter – The Full Story!

With reference to my previous posting, I was delighted to find this video on Youtube


View From Canoe

I took the canoe for its first voyage of the year today. I got some ok shots but I only took the wee camera today due to the “fall in the loch” risk.

Loch Lomond

The Loch from Inchconnachan

I wrote about Inchconnachan last year. This is the island where ospreys nest and which has its own colony of wallabies! Although I landed there for a wee while I didn’t see any of them today. However I did see some deer on the shore at another island, Inchtavannach, as I passed by.



"Wee Peter"

This is “Wee Peter” who is situated at Bandray Bay just south of the hamlet of Aldochlay. Since I was a kid I have been under the impression that Peter marked the spot of a tragic drowning of a child at the spot. My parents told me that the drowned boy had been a member of the Colquhoun family who are the landowners in the area and still operate Luss Estates.

The truth however is that Wee Peter was spotted in a London yard by a local stonemason, brought north and erected at the Loch in 1890. I sailed close enough to the statue today to read a few of the words inscribed on it. All I could make out with any clarity were the name “Kerr” and the date 1890

Swan with Aldochlay in the background

Comedy-Off Pat

To Glasgow on Friday night to see Patrick Rolink at the Capitol Bar as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival. Thoroughly enjoyed the pre gig meal at the Chinese Buffet in Sauchiehall St. along with Patrick and his friends, 70’s Celtic hero John “Dixie” Deans and his wife Pat. The place has an all you can eat policy. When the owner saw Patrick coming in he had a worried look.

I’ve seen the big guy loads of times but his hour long stint contained a lot of new material and went down well with the crowd. He always seems to quickly cultivate a relaxed relationship with the audience. Part of the art of that is deciding who will put up with what in the audience. Patrick explained later that he had seen two guys laughing loudly when he was giving it some self deprecation, and knew from that it’d be likely they wouldn’t take offence at some kidding on. It’s not good form to quote jokes or material in a review so I’ll just say that Patrick went down very well and made the whole thing seem easy.

Although Dixie played his last senior game in 1980, there was a steady stream of folk wanting to chat with him and get photos and autographs. To his credit he responded cheerfully. I wondered if today’s sports stars are so accessible.

Afterwards Patrick took us along to see his friend Des McLean’s show at the Kings Theatre.  Des appears daily on Radio Clyde’s Breakfast Show acting as a foil for the DJ and doing prank calls. To be honest his radio stuff isn’t really my cup of tea and is probably not aimed at old farts like me who listen mainly to Radio Scotland anyway. However I saw him at a sportsman’s dinner a while back where he was great and his stand up show on Friday went down a storm.

In the space of a few hours I’d seen a comic in a small venue and one in a large venue. Very different challenges. Des McLean’s show before a full house didn’t start until 10:30 which meant that the audience were well “refreshed” but he didn’t have any problems.

I was only moderately refreshed but had to leave before the end of the show to catch the train back to the Clyde Estuary.