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Anybody Remember?

White dog poo, Onion Johnny, Nordocks, Sta prest, Clarks Wayfinders, Barley sugar twists, Tab Cola, Mint Cracknel, Texan Bars, Spangles (the square white mint ones with the hole? Old English?), Opal Fruits, Freddie “Parrot Face” Davis, Johnny Morris, How!, Magpie, rose hip syrup (and getting paid for collecting rose hips), the Alpine lemonade/ginger lorry (a phenomenon confined to west central Scotland), Red Kola, Aztec bars, Ford Anglias, Morris Travellers, men in turbans selling household goods from suitcases, cars with crank starting handles, blacksmiths, chimney sweeps, knife sharpeners, Tintawn carpets, parquet floors.

Eight track cassettes, k-tel records, big slippers,  x-ray specs, Brentford Nylons, Presto, Safeway, Fine Fare, Galbraiths, Exchange and Mart, Green Flash, Zoom ice lollies, Alf Tupper, Braddock VC, Adam Eterno, The Time Tunnel, pound notes, pre decimal currency, Creamola Foam, Nesquick, powdered instant coffee, Ford Cortinas, Austin Cambridge, Fina Petrol, Hot Wheels, Scalectrix, Subbuteo, secondary double glazing, nylon sheets, mothballs, petrol pump attendants, a single and a match, Youngers Tartan Special, Breaker Malt Liquor and Piper Export?

ETA….and I have done it again by reproducing something I have already reproduced here! I’ll try to be better next week!


20 Responses

  1. I used to make Breaker and this, at the beginning, was one of my mistakes that other people drank.

  2. Freddie Davies now owns The Sheep Shop in Pitlochry!

  3. I remember eight track tapes and Subbuteo, and read about Onion Johnnies in history.

  4. There was an Onion Johnny still selling onions in Helensburgh when I was a wee boy (in the sixties). He had French fisherman’s shirt, the beret, droop moustache and a bike similar to the one in the picture.

  5. First came to the UK in 1982, so Decimalisation Day was long gone. Having been borne in 1968 I doubt I would taken much note anyway 😉

  6. Also Green stamps. Free mugs at petrol stations. The Co-op delivering everything you need to your door and paying for it every ‘quarter’

  7. While moving house last week I came across my Subbuteo team, lovingly kept from my teenage days. I named every one of these bits of plastic after stars of the day, (eg Derek Dougan was my hero), and under the name of KLM Thistle I played in a big league with 15 other pals. Ah! These were the days!

  8. You got me thinking Rab and I have done a similar thing about the shipyards if any of your readers used to be craftsmen of the Clyde they will think fondly of thedays when you could do your xmas shopping without leaving the yard

  9. Rab,this got me thinking about playing in bands as a youngster….. Being driven around by my Grandad in a Mnin Clubman Estate,(wooden panelling!!),and a double door at the back to get the drum kit in,no problem,then being offered Eldorado on draft in a pony glass (a double-double) whilst playing behind older musicians in the Torpedo Factory Social Club in Alexandria, around 1977 ?,also buying the Leeds Subbuteo team as in the 70’s it was all white(at £1.15 as opposed to £1.90 for the colour stripped teams), and therafter I would use my AIRFIX paints to paint on the black & Yellow band across the shirt,shorts and socks,to make them as per Kenny Wilson minatures, around 1972.Just a year after decimilisation!!

  10. Colin, is that true about Freddie Davies? or have I missed a joke?

    Kenny I wonder if you remember Malcolm Finlayson the Wolves goalkeeper? https://bigrab.wordpress.com/2009/01/11/wolves-the-glory-years/

    Campbell aye the shipyards were legendary for their entrepreneurship(!)

    Armin – I suppose Deutschmarks are gone too now! (readers – check out Armin’s Islay Blog – see the right hand column here)

    Sneddy, Subbuteo actually did the classic Dumbarton strip but I think the players were hand painted and it didn’t look too convincing!
    Eldorado? must be a Dumbarton thing!

    • It’s true!

      He also did a kids’ TV show where he owned a pet shop and once did an advert for Trill budgie seed!

    • Oh yes, Deutschmarks are long gone, come to think of it, it’s almost 10 years now the actual notes and cones were introduced.

      Always make me look like a complete idiot when I visit Germany (I only go about once a year for a few days) and have no idea what all these funny looking coins are…

  11. The “Alpine lemonade/ginger lorry” phenomena was’nt just confined to west central Scotland. Here in edinburgh we had the alpine motor and we also had the “Globe of Loadhead” motor. With Globes “Sun cool Dark Kola” being my favourite.

  12. Cracking post there Ben-Lo. Who can forget Flying Bomb batteries, Jagger’s Lemonade, Price’s Everlasting golf balls and Rhins Bacon Shop in Main Street, Alexandria (I kid ye not people….).

    Possibly the most bizarre memory I have is of the old guy who used to come into Boghead with about fifteen minutes to go shouting ‘All the half-time, the half-time reeeesults!’. Incredibly, folk used to buy evening papers just to see the half-time scores, but of course this was in the days before Walkmen, mobiles, Blackberries and flavoured condoms.

  13. Macaroon bars would not be allowed due to health and safety

  14. Garvie bottles as currency.

  15. Fry’s Five Centre. Fry’s Five Boys. Fry’s!!!
    Nestle’s Milk Sandwich. Nestle’s Plain Sandwich. And the grandaddy of Nestle’s Triple Sandwich.
    Then there was that Cadbury’s bar that was a blend of milk and plain chocolate – it came in a maroonish wrapper – but I can’t remember its name; their Caramello bar, subsequently Caramilk, (way better than the Caramel bar they sell now.)
    Sanja Cola – or is that still available in the Dumbarton area?

    • Jack, Mcdoyugalls is no longer with us, well for possibly 15+ yrs the factory has been gone and replaced with housing, i lived just up from the factory, portello was also a fav of mine as well as the limeade

  16. Growing up in EK, we had our choice of both Alpine AND BOn Accord lorries selling ‘ginger’ on a Saturday morning. We also had a FIna pertrol stration just up the end of the street on the Calderwood Road. Oh, and anyone else remember ‘the pools man’? Thurs night, Littlewoods pools money to collect? It’s a long way from Sydney….

  17. In 1973, a student friend got a summer job as the holiday relief Tennents rep.( family contacts/nepotism). He’d go around pubs and hotel bars and take the orders. Nice work if you can get it. They even paid him real money
    Tennents had been marketing Breaker malt liquor just before , and as the beer was a commercial disaster and didn’t sell, part of Pete’s duties was taking the unsold crates of Breaker away. He brought many of these crates back to his very large room in Balgownie Lodge in Aberdeen and built a stack of beer along the wall. it was a lot of beer.
    In October, when the university resumed we had the makings of a very memorable party, and as far as I remember, (not much I should add), the wall was drunk in one evening,, a testimony to the fact that no beer is bad enough to actually throw away without physiological scrubbing . However Breaker was indeed very BAD and there were a lot of headaches that Sunday.
    That summer was also the launch of the Highland 1 platfrom( the first forties platform) from Nigg near Invergordon. For the celebration Pete got day jobs (at excellent pay) for a bunch of student friends, to be barpeople to serve to all the (mainly) fairly primitive, ex shipbuilding Glasweedgie workers. We had beer but no spirits. The ‘ladies drink’ was Martini , but the workers all insisted on a hauf and hauf. The results were predictable and calamitous. Beer and Martini is quite gastically challenging especially combined with the stupendous array of rich and unusual food items.

    I eventually climbed into the car going home with mountains of untouched food, such as smoked salmon ( unheard of in those days), whole cheeses of various kinds and god only knows what else. Kept me going for weeks afterwards. .

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