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Groundhog Day

It’s today.

I was going to write about it but I have this strange feeling that I’ve done that before.


Oh! Daddy!

From June 2009

England Captain, John Terry, beat off stiff competition to win the 2009 Daddies Sauces ‘Dad of the Year’ award. Father of three year old twins, Georgie John and Summer Rose, Terry (28) came top of a poll of UK adults beating last year’s winner Peter Andre into second place.
The current political climate had an impact on Gordon Brown’s popularity, with the Prime Minister only receiving five per cent of the vote, a drop from 13 per cent last year.
John Terry’s wife and childhood sweetheart, Toni Terry, gave birth to Georgie John and Summer Rose in May 2006. Terry narrowly missed the birth despite a frantic dash from the England training camp in Portugal, sprinting straight off the training pitch and onto the next flight in his Three Lions kit. When not on England or Chelsea duties, John can be found teaching his three year old twins how to swim.
Terry was delighted to find he topped the Daddies Sauce survey, commenting ”It’s a great honour to be voted dad of the year. I have won many trophies in my career but I’m proud to say that this is up there with all of them. Georgie and Summer are great kids and I love them both dearly.
My family mean the world to me and receiving this award has made me feel extremely proud. Being with the kids and watching them grow up and learning new things everyday is a privilege and I’m honoured to receive this award.“

Keane Price

Jock Stein, undoubtedly Celtic’s greatest ever manager assembled a squad of players on a shoestring (from a biscuit tin) to win the European cup. Of that team, ten of the players were born within twelve miles of Celtic Park and the other, Bobby Lennox, was born 30 miles away. The highest transfer fee paid for a member of that squad was something like £40,000. This was a side built patiently which had sustained success over a many seasons.

Billy McNeil must look back and wonder. He left the Celtic manager’s job in the eighties to go to Manchester City. I think the sticking point was a salary of £20,000 per year.

I wonder if David Murray, cast out of Ibrox will be reflecting on his statement of some years ago “For every £5 Celtic spend, we will spend £10”, a policy which has brought Rangers to such a state that they can’t buy polish for the famous marble staircase without a note from the bank.

The Celtic support, aided and abetted by the media, will go into hype overdrive today over the loan signing of Robbie Keane from Spurs until the end of the season. His £65,000 per week salary is clearly a personal expense by Celtic’s major shareholder Dermot Desmond.

It remains to be seen if this bold, some would say desperate, move will rescue the season and the championship for Celtic but clearly that it what it is designed to do.

Perhaps the 15,000 or so fans currently posted missing at the club’s home games will now return and cover the cost of the deal?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that tonight one member of the Celtic team which takes the field at Kilmarnock will be picking up three or four times the total of the whole opposing team. That opposing team’s employers are over £20 million in debt and a relegation away from oblivion. There’s already an idea being floated that in the event Killie go bust that a new club Ayrshire United, funded on the sale of Somerset Park would play its home games at Rugby Park.

Having read about the Keane signing (a loan signing remember) being “inspired”, I wonder. Inspired would have been for Celtic to unearth another Larsson or Moravchick. Better than that for their long term would be the discovery of another Bobby Lennox.

As things are, their club stands collectively around a roulette table where a massive amount of chips have been staked.

Jock Stein was a well known gambler but I wonder what he’d think of it all?