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    "Updated every day with doses of good humour, political satire, a running commentary on the progress of author's home football team and his life."

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    "People may also find the Ben Lomond Free Press blog illuminating, interesting and/or amusing. It’s not mentalist as such but familiar themes emerge. I particularly like accounts of encounters with strange elementals (of course! ELEmentals!) from elfin safety. And the fact that the blog is run by someone who plays in a blues band called Harmonica Lewinsky."

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Scottish Blogging Awards

This blog often gets a mention in the Scottish Blog Round Up and I’m grateful for their input. Apparently, and I’ve come late to this because this is the last day for nominations, there’s an awards thingy taking place. If you perhaps wanted (not that I’d put any pressure on youse of course) to nominate a blog of your choice in one of the categories then that’d be fine and dandy.

Go here for the details on how to nominate.

5 Responses

  1. All done fella.

    You are a natural at this game. I know how much effort it takes to keep coming up with posts (ref my now deceased outpost) so I am well impressed at how you keep this going.

    Keep up the good work…

  2. Nominated!

  3. Sorry Ben-Lo, there’s always one and I am he.

    As one who firmly believes in merit being it’s own reward, the enjoyment you both give and receive in compiling this excellent blog should be all the acclamation that is needed.

    I feckin’ detest the modern practice of everything and everyone having to be lauded in public;,the media and the professional employment sectors being the worst culprits. And as the plethora of meaningless gongs and trophies mounts so real achievement is obscured and devalued.

    Of course like life coaching, management consultancy, financial and legal advice, and dare I say it, Health & Safety, it’s a burgeoning industry. It was bad enough when it was just the Honours List without adding layers of meaningless pish. Sunday Mail Award For Disabled Transvestite Of Ethnic Origin 2010 ? GTF….

    Your blog will continue to attract interest and approval on quality and content Ben-Lo – just say no to the superficial.

    Rant over…..

  4. Yes I quite readily concede and acknowledge what you’re saying Ferncake. I share your distaste of meaningless awards of course but would defend this one against the accusation slightly as it is by bloggers for bloggers.

    Kind of like the players’ player of the year for sad folk who spend too much time on the internet.

    There will be no publicity or kudos other than perhaps a recognition on a web page somewhere and possibly a widget to display on the awardee’s site(s)

    For what it’s worth, I think I’ll nominate you in the “people who don’t blog but should” category 8)

  5. Ach awright then, I’ll vote for you.

    It’s just I know how these things go….the Oscars, then the British Film Awards, then the British Comedy Awards, then the British Soap Awards, then the River City ‘They Remembered The Lines’ Award.

    Bloggy good luck to you !

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