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Recurring Dream

Anyone have recurring dreams?

I’ve had the same one on and off (sic) for probably thirty years. I’m on a train with various pieces of luggage. I know that my stop is coming up so I start getting all the stuff together and the train stops. No matter how I try though I never have enough time to get it all and the train doors close before I can get off. Train moves off and dream ends.

Destination Dreamland!

Recently the dream has had a new twist. I think to myself (within the dream – so it’s seeming even more real) “this scenario is just like that dream I have”. Then the same thing happens – I can’t get all the stuff together and the train moves off.

Now without much effort I can think of a couple of obvious sounding interpretations for these dreams (i.e. I’m not organised enough to grasp an opportunity or maybe I’m too preoccupied with clutter to concentrate on my goals etc. etc.)

Do you think dreams ARE a window to the subconscious and can be explained? Can you explain my dream? Do you perhaps have a recurring dream yourself?

Is there any hope of a serious comment?

Over to you!

7 Responses

  1. It clearly means…..

    You should have flung all that luggage into that big car of yours and driven to your destination like any sane person would do.

  2. I knew I could rely on you Jaggy!

    That’s saved me a fortune in fees on a shrink!

  3. Rab,

    Your luggage is all your responsibilities. The train is the need to by financially viable. The station is your desired default level. The doors are every half-wit that gets in your way.
    The way to cure your anxiety is drink as much as you can in Glasgow, then get the West Highland train, fall asleep, and trust yourself to wake up the instant it reaches Helensburgh Upper, then alight.
    This is free advice, so you can’t sue me if you wake up in Oban/Fort William

  4. Rab, the station is the afterlife…… so get your shit together now, man!

  5. 8) Very good chaps!

  6. Rab, I had a vivid dream 20 odd years ago which stayed with me for many years.
    I dreamt that there had been an eathquake and that Bonhill Road in Dumbarton had been torn up and there were cars everywhere. Then my dream turned to High Overtoun. I asked someone why everyone was heading up the hill and they said that there was a huge wave coming. Then the dream changed to a bungalow that was having a party but there was a wreath on the door and a coffin was being taken in!

    Many years later the Tsunami hit at Christmas. I didn’t see the connection until I was heading out my door and the Christmas Wreath I had on the outside door fell at my feet. That’s when I realised that’s what the wreath on the door of the bungalow in my dream was for. Back when I had the dream, most folks didn’t put wreaths on their doors and I couldn’t understand why there was a party being held during a funeral. At the time I had never heard of Tsunami’s either.
    My only wish was that in someway I could have known the place and date it would happen, God knows if I would have been able to do anything but it was a very spooky experience.

  7. Powerful things eh Debbie?

    The dream you describe, if it was some kind of premonition, wasn’t specific enough for you to have done anything and even if it had been, you’d have been lucky to get anyone to take notice.

    They say your body actually goes through the experience of what you are dreaming.

    I don’t have so many dreams as when I was younger but the recurring one with the train comes back on a regular basis.

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