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Hey! Four Eyes!

Jumping Spider (Image credits: Opo Terser via:villageofjoy.com)

Jumping Spider (Image credits: Opo Terser via:villageofjoy.com)

I’m sure I saw something like this at a bus stop the other day.


Separated at Birth?

I'm a dab hand with a magic wand!

I'm a dab hand with a magic wand!

However England manager Capello has an even more striking lookalike. He’s Irish builder Michael McElinney

Capello                                McElinney

Capello McElinney

Clutching at Straws?

No it’s not a story about Jack Straw it’s about the next leader of the Labour Party. If yesterday’s speech to the Labour conference is anything to go by then Peter Mandelson is that man.

Previously any speeches by Mandy at conference would have been received in a similar way to a meat feast pizza at the Vatican’s Friday business breakfast. He was the co-architect of New Labour which returned the party to power after an 18 year absence in 1997.

A Slimy Slug

A Slimy Slug

Despite this, the rank and file of traditional Labour supporters considered him a fifth columnist and arch betrayer of the party’s core values. No more Red Flag, no more talk of socialism, the trade unions could f*** off and the Tories would be out-Toried.

Peter Mandelson

Peter Mandelson

It’s not that I don’t have any sympathy with Mandelson. When he came along Labour had become completely unelectable. Socialism of the kind that Old Labour espoused failed everywhere it was tried. Almost always rejected and overthrown by the people living under it.
In a world of computers, satellite TV’s, two car families and bought houses, the old rhetoric wouldn’t work.

Mandelson knew that.

However the UK Labour party has become a very nasty piece of work. It was once a very broad church encompassing everything from communism to social democracy. Now it encompasses whatever will keep them in power.

Mandelson was bold enough to say yesterday:

“I know that Tony said our project would only be complete when the Labour Party learned to love Peter Mandelson”.

“If I can come back, we can come back.”

He was cheered to the rafters.

Best Man?

About twenty seven years ago I was asked to be best man at my friend’s wedding. We hit a snag because we were in business together, he was getting married in Malta and we realised couldn’t both be out of the country at the same time. Another friend deputised.

Then six years ago another friend had TWO best men. I was the second one who showed people to their seats and collected the glasses. I didn’t have a speaking part that day.

It is therefore a very great honour for me to be performing the duty of best man at my friend Stevie’s wedding to Carol on Saturday. All the greater an honour because he has many good friends.

We will be suited and booted by Moss Bros for the occasion and I’ll even post some photos on Monday. When we went up a few weeks ago to get measured for the suits the girl said “would you like top hats?” we just looked at each other and laughed.

Anyway Stevie if you’re looking in as I know you sometimes do, I hope we’ll still be friends after my speech!

Looking forward to it.

Great Goal

The Sons fans haven’t had much to cheer about this season so I think we’re entitled to a little bask in the glory before this week’s rather tricky visit of top team Stirling Albion. The Evening Times has a feature on the fine goal scored in the 90th minute by Derek Carcary which won Saturday’s match.

You can see the goal by going to Sons TV and clicking on the Peterhead highlights

Separated at Birth?

It’s not often that this blog would thank the Sun for inspiration. However I liked this.





Van Morrison – Rain Check

Especially for my friends at a certain car dealership.

Rain Check Van Morrison

I’m not going to reproduce all the lyrics (it is one of Van’s longer efforts) but this may give you a flavour:

It’s not high finance, it’s called heart and soul
If it’s rock and roll, got to go, go, go, go, go
Gonna keep moving on up to the higher ground
Gonna keep on moving on up, I got to stand my ground
Gonna keep on moving on up, I wanna stick around
Won’t let the bastards grind me down
Won’t let the bastards grind me down
Won’t let the bastards grind me down.