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A Warning to All Conspiracy Theorists!

Delores Kane. Here to save humanity. Photo Murray Sanders.

Delores Kane. Photo Murray Sanders.

This is Delores Kane.

Who she?

Well you may know her better as David Shayler former M15 officer who was prosecuted in 1997 for giving a story to the Mail on Sunday* about his former employers being paranoid about socialists.

in the following years his proclamations and views seemed to progress from the surprising to the truly incredible.

David Shayler

David Shayler

Ten years after the notorious MI5 case in 2007 he declared:

“First I started meditating, then I learned how to channel the “light”, and the more research I did – into Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, Kabbalah – the more convinced I became that I was the Christ.”

Jesus Christ? “No, Jesus of the New Testament is an archetype,” he explains patiently. “His name derives from the 13th Name of God in Kabbalah, which helps activate the Messiah consciousness within us.

“I was, though, crucified with a crown of thorns and nails then incarnated as Astronges, a Jewish revolutionary put to death by the Romans at around the end of the last century BC …It explained why in this life I had funny shaped wrists and ankles…”

Had? “Yes, look,” he says, proffering his tanned arms. “They’ve pretty much corrected themselves now I’ve acknowledged the crucifixion – but there used to be big hollows where nails had been bashed in.”

Shayler/Kane/Christ was yesterday evicted by a court from the farmhouse where he/she had been squatting for some time.

Like David Icke before him Shayler is a man who started to believe his own more bizarre paranoia and conspiracy theories.

*The Mail on Sunday story was that Shayler’s former employers at M15 were paranoid about socialists and had investigated Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman.

I mean…..come on.


Norway 4 Scotland 0

Scotland started the game in encouraging fashion. However the sending off of Gary Caldwell in 33 mins and the resultant goal from the free kick killed the game as a contest. When the home side scored a second on the stroke of half time then any lingering hope of a Scots recovery had disappeared.

In the second half we had just lost the plot. We couldn’t compensate for the extra man and were overrun.

Scotland lost the game because in the end they weren’t good enough. However I despair of the pedantic refereeing we get at all levels in football now. It is no longer a contact sport in any way shape or form.

It’s a game for lassies.