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Michael Jackson RIP

michael jackson 1

Troubled and tortured.

But undeniably talented as this video proves.


Shepherd’s Delight

At the back of our house last night.

At the back of our house last night.

Emiliana Torrini

This comes courtesy of a recommendation by Gordon (One Man Blogs) who went to see the Icelandic singer at Oran Mor in Glasgow the other night.

I’d never heard of her to be honest but when I checked her out I liked this song and video.

The Missing Pound

Three friends go for a bar meal.

The bill comes to £25.

Each friend chips in a £10 note.

The waiter brings their change in the form of 5 one pound coins.

Each diner takes a pound back leaving a £2 tip for the waiter.

How much did each pay?

Remember each handed over a tenner and each got a pound back.

So that’s £9 each eh?

That equals £27.

The waiter got £2.

Where is the missing pound?


No Caption Needed


Seventies Cheese – The Word


I posted this track on my old Vox blog and despite the fact that only three men and a dog ever visited there, I have had more private messages and emails about it than anything else that I ever posted on Vox. Many of those requested a copy of the mp3.

It is a 1979 rendition of the Lord Buckley’s biblical inspired  jazz monologue “The Nazz” by John Sinclair aka The Word.


It was so clever and innovative I thought it’d be a huge hit.

It sank without trace.

Here is the mp3 made from my rather battered copy of the 7″ single.

The Naz by The Word

Bill Wilson – What a Tumshie!

He wants supermarkets to label fruit and veg in the Scots language.

The West of Scotland MSP, a long-time campaigner for Scots to be given equal status as a recognised language, raised the issue with Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

I’ve written before about people who feel the need to talk as if they were acting out a Broons cartoon strip.

It’s all perfectly harmless of course, until they start campaigning for things like parliamentary business and  signs to be spoken and written in Scots.

Imagine parlimentary questions:

“Is yon first minister no’ causing a bit o a stushie amangst the loons and quines on this issue?”

Or a trip to the library where the  sign urging silence read “Haud yer wheesht!”

Where’s a cringe meter when you need one?

Bill Wilson wants blackberries labeled as brambles in supermarkets – fair enough.

Spring onions should be described as syboes he says. Aye well Bill maybes but I’ll bet you more Scots folk know them as the former rather than the latter.

Potatoes? – require to be labeled tatties according to Bill

Here’s where he gets silly. He wants Tesco et al to label turnips as tumshies.

Please Bill, away and do something worthwhile instead.

Ya neep.