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Jackie Stewart

A bit of local stuff here.

Whilst passing the Dumbarton Council Chambers the other day with banners, balloons (sic) and tartan much in evidence, I wondered what the occasion was.

Had Poundland got Nescafe in again?

Had a Labour councillor had a half decent idea?

No, it turned out that former world champion motor racing champion and legend Jackie Stewart was visiting his home town to receive the freedom of West Dunbartonshire.

Jackie never misses an opportunity to emphasise that his schooldays were the most unhappy of his life through his unidentified dyslexia. He was by his own admission regarded as stupid and had few friends.

Only when he left school and was able to make his own way and create a successful path for himself did he flourish.

I suppose it’s good that he has raised awareness on this issue. He says his dyslexia was only identified when he was 42.

One of my earliest memories was attending Jackie’s wedding in Helensburgh. He married a relative of a friend of our family.

Having said all of the above, I heard him on the radio laying into the government for not doing more to support motor sport. He was absolutely scathing about Labour and Gordon Brown.

Maybe it’s just me but the Year of Homecoming seems to be characterised by people who have been successful and buggered off out of Scotland to forever pay their taxes elsewhere. In Jackie’s case it’s Switzerland and it was specifically to avoid tax that he went there.

These people have no right to tell the Scottish or UK governments how to conduct their affairs.

As for the freeman honour, one would like to think that Jackie would put his hand in his pocket to help some worthy local project.

I won’t be holding my breath.


7 Responses

  1. Thank the Lord, someone who has the same estimation of Jackie Stewart as myself.

    As a former pupli of Dumbarton Academy I’m not going to defend the conditions which occasioned the man so much unhappiness during his time there, but dare I suggest that if he had attended Loretto, Allan Glens or Cumnock Academy during that period his experience would have been similar. F**k me, doctors were actively advertising cigarettes in the 1950’s, as you have recently shown. Times change and all that.

    And yet as you rightly point out Ben-Lo, Jackie never misses an occasion to put the boot in to his old school. I’m loathe to descend into the cliched ‘Ah kent his Faither’ stuff but maybe Jackie needs to very publicly acknowledge that compared to almost all his peers he was a very privileged young man indeed.

    As regards his comments on motor sport, we all have our passionate causes, but few of us enjoy a public platform on which to air them.

  2. Aye Fern Cake must agree with you and Rab ,I went to the Academy as well and F****** hated it and I didn’t suffer from any illness .
    Has he never thought that the fact he was allegedly bullied was because of his priveledged background, well it was compared to mine,I stayed up a close
    Dont get me wrong no one should ever be bullied but children were and still are cruel.
    While I was kicking a ball about the swing park he was scooting round racing circuits with his brother .
    I dont think Fanny Liddle one of the teacher would like to read this ,I presume she has passed away now, but all we ever got was Jackie this Jackie that until everybody was sick of the sound of his name she obviously never noticed his learning difficulties

  3. Aye and he took a shit load of cash from RBS too to be one of Sir Fred the Wank’s so-called “ambassadors”…

    I too am sick of him bleating on about being dyslexic…

  4. He could pump vast quantities of dosh into DFC if he gets bored!

  5. He was born in 1939. (http://www.formula1.com/teams_and_drivers/hall_of_fame/127/ )

    If he went to the Academy in those days he must have passed the qualifying exam (what in England got called the eleven plus.) How the hell did he manage that if he was dyslexic?

    If he didn’t pass it he would have gone to Hartfield Junior Secondary and not the Academy….

  6. Jack I have just been told he did go to Hartfield but at that time teachers moved between schools for different lessons
    So he didnae pass his quali’ and unlike me at the age of 12 he was deemed a failure
    Oh the irony eh
    But the subject of school exams are a whole new can of worms.

  7. […] Are they good enough reasons to motivate someone to leave in the “Homecoming” year? Big Rab, referring to Jackie Stewart (resident in Switzerland) has his own thoughts: Maybe it’s just me but the Year of Homecoming […]

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