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Michael Jackson RIP

michael jackson 1

Troubled and tortured.

But undeniably talented as this video proves.


8 Responses

  1. Indeed Ben-Lo. Cue the familiar torrent of off-colour jokes.

    Leaving aside his starnge existence, the thing about Michael Jackson’s music was that even if it wasn’t to your personal taste, then there would undoubtedly have been some tracks in his back catalogue to suit.

    I’ll remember him as wee afro-haired 11 year-old fronting the Jackson Five – if ‘I Want You Back’ isn’t one of the purest pop songs ever then I’ll vote Labour at the next election.

  2. indeed a very troubled man but why does this have similarities to the death of the King Elvis
    nobody knew the real story of Michael Jackson and who controlled his life.
    I have read a lot about Elvis and how he was controlled by his “friends” by prescription drugs
    Maybe now we will find out the truth about his life,prepare to be shocked methinks.
    I personally think its a blessing he has gone
    he is at peace now probably for the first time in his life

  3. I was at a friend’s house last night as the news of Michael’s death started appearing on the the News channels, it brought back memories of when Elvis passed away.

    A sad day indeed and as Sonsdiary mentioned, it’s a blessing that he has gone. It was painful to see such a healthy young man turn into such a scarred wreck inside and out. Goodness knows what kind of life he would have had if he had lived to an old age and what the press would have made of him.

    His misaligned views on having young boys in his bed tarnished such a glittering career. Not only was Michael to blame but also the parents and his entourage.

    Strange how so many aspire to reach a status like their idols and yet when you look closely (at Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Phil Lynott and a few more) they never had much of a life for all their wealth and status. A life of broken relationships and a sad lonely death through drink, drugs, prescription drugs and excess. It makes you wonder at times.

    I just hope that his children don’t have to travel the same path as Michael.

    I’ve always had sadness in my heart when I listened to ‘Smile’ the tribute to Charlie Chaplin. I’m sure Michael was singing about himself as well.

    My favourite for ever will be ‘You are not alone’. Such a beautiful song and I will have it played at my funeral some day.

    R.I.P. Michael x

    • Smile was relayed at Gordon Lennon’s funeral Debbie. Funny you should mention that.

      Whilst I was not the biggest Jackson fan, being a DJ in the 70’s/80’s, he helped me out a few times to get the party going.

      • Such an emotional song and it must raise a lot memories for Gordon’s family at this sad time.

        Another poignant song is ‘Have you seen my childhood’. All of these songs can be heard on his ‘History’ album.

        Hat’s off to Michael, I’m sure he will still be helping out aspiring DJ’s for years to come as his dance tracks were second to none.

  4. Absolutely gutted. I was in a state of shock all morning.

    Mrs Wife and I were due to go and see him in concert in less than a month’s time. I’ve spent all day listening to his albums and there’s still a feeling of disbelief.

  5. Why do people speculate?People seem convinced drugs killed Michael Jackson why do people just wait and see what his autopsy show?.The family have now been told he was given heavy dose of morphine before his collapse if this is the case the person who gave him the morphine should be brought up on murder charges simply because they have obviously given him an overdose but again its all speculation i wish people would just shut up and wait on the cause of death from the coroner.. People should be remembering Michael for the joy he brought to us through his music..As for all the celebrities who have come out the woodwork to pay tribute to him in his death i have one thing to ask you all,Where were you all when Michael was on child abuse charges?where was your support then? you are hypocrites each and everyone of you and you make me physically sick,Michael needed your support then not now he has gone to a place where you can no longer hurt him…… As for the kids who accused Michael of the crimes against them i say..You were kids and you are in no way responsible for what adults did ie your parents the media, but i urge you to now come forward and tell your story tell the truth people will respect you more i no i will,Dont let Michael suffer in death as he did in life think of the Michael you knew and one time respected and loved……

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