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Car Trouble

I wonder if I’m missing something here.

Over the time of this government the cry has been to get folk out of their cars and on to public transport. Toll charges, congestion charges, traffic calming, pedestrianisation (pauses for breath). High parking charges, green taxes,  polution taxes, increased road tax,  speed cameras everywhere. Speed bumps that rip the arse out of the wee cars that are supposedly better than the big cars……………

Listen to the government.

Cars BAD, public transport GOOD.

Got that?

Public Transport GOOD! Cars BAD!


Cars BAD! Public Transport GOOD!!


Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, offered his first subsidies to protect British industry from the ravages of the recession when yesterday he unlocked £2.3bn in loan guarantees for the ailing car industry, including £1.3bn in loans from the European Investment Bank.

Altogether now…..

Cars GOOD! Public Transport BAD!

Tomorrow – The government steps in to save the tobacco industry.


12 Responses

  1. Ah, but the money is for GREEN cars only. I’m screwed, I’ve got a blue one.

  2. Car workers being made unemployed BAD

    Woolworth’s workers unemployed GOOD

  3. Small British companies going tits-up …. who cares

    Multi-national conglomerates losing profits … need bail-out

  4. Making VAST profits for decades … money in off-shore accounts … having trouble selling product to the unemployed … here’s a hand-out from state funds

    Lost job … rising prices … dwindling savings … tough shit!

  5. Showing the innefficiency and drawbacks inherent in capitalism?

    Ehhh?? No.

    System designed to benefit the rich at the expense of the poor

    All Systems GO … !!!

  6. its our fault for voting as Marx said we are all being conned
    The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.

  7. Without wishing to appear “pedantic”, ma man … I would say “your” fault, all of you, and not mine … as I’ve never taken part in the farce of voting

    “Don’t Vote – It just encourages them”

    “If voting changed a thing, the governments would outlaw it tomorrow”

    And before some bright-arse replies with the age-old opinion that this should somehow deny me the right to criticise … As the buddha once said: “Get it right up ye”

  8. It doesn’t matter who you vote for – a politician will get in. They are all the same.

  9. re. stu’s note – Buddha never said that ,did he?

  10. kenfitlike, Said:

    re. stu’s note – Buddha never said that ,did he?

    Oh aye … Boaby Buddha that is … not his cousin Gautama … he was a bit of a hippy … whereas Boaby, whose teachings I follow, was more yir militant pacifist and willing tae kikk ass for a bit of peace & quiet

    Om Mane Padme Whityoulookinat?

  11. And … Kenfitlike … whit a great name!!

  12. Eh Stu, yer dander is fair up! You’re even anticipating what people are going to say and getting yer retaliation in first! (I doubt if anyone here would have said that anyway. We’re all bright enough arses to know that a no-vote is a statement in itself)

    Just in case anybody was wondering I cut and pasted the news story from the Guardian. I wouldn’t have used the term Lord (not without inverted commas anyhoo) when referring to the Prince of slimeyballness.

    Aye Jaggy for green cars. Just what the motor industry needs with a squillion cars lying unsold eh?. Research and development money to make more!

    I suppose subsidising folk to buy them is too simple and easy.

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