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Stu Who? – See Politix?

This is from my friend and BLFP contributor Stu Who?

(Sensitive souls with an aversion to sweary words should look away now!)

Agree or disagree as you see fit. A couple of racist terms are put in context at the end.


Dumbarton 1 Stenny 0

Ian Chisolm. Photo Donald Fullarton

The game yesterday was played in lousy conditions and the football was pretty lousy too. Sons struggled though to be honest fellow promotion seekers Stenhousemuir were no great shakes and posed little threat. It has to be said though the away team’s passing and build up was far superior to Dumbarton’s.

Ian Chisholm scored Sons winner just before half time. He is a fringe player but this isn’t the first time “Chis” has done more than was asked of him.

The result was better than the performance but it keeps Sons in the right area of the league.

We Deserve Better? A Load of Kaka.

£100m aka Kaka

As we submerge further, as an economy and society, into financial meltdown, the Arab owners of the The richest football club in the world have bid £100 million for Brazilian footballer Kaka (Brazilian he must be as they only ever have one name) currently plying his trade with AC Milan in Serie A.

It is doubtful whether Kaka had even heard of Manchester City at this time last week. Indeed since he has heard of them he has made clear that he doesn’t fancy the proposed move one bit. However it looks like every sweetener and incentive in the book will be used to make sure that the deal goes through. One hundred million pounds (£100,000,000) for one player for one team. Jeez!

David Murray. Probably not worth £100m

That amount of money would buy every senior football club in Scotland and leave change enough to buy a whole team of  Kris Boyds. What can one say about the spoilt weans Rangers supporters who have been protesting this week against their club’s current predicament (two points off the top of the SPL at the time of writing)? I heard Rangers assistant manager Ally McCoist say in an interview yesterday (bizarrely accompanied by “Highway to Hell” belting out of the Ibrox tannoy) that the Rangers fans were “the best in the world”.


The best fans in the world are guys who follow their local team home and away for a lifetime in the hope of an occasional promotion or cup run. Not petulant fools who get upset when their team doesn’t actually win every competition they enter.

Sack him! Aye and him too!

On a Saturday evening in Scotland the phone in programmes are dominated by supporters of the Old Firm (Rangers and Celtic) calling for the managers of these clubs to be sacked. That’s right the clubs who finish first and second in the league EVERY YEAR WITHOUT FAIL.

Getting back to Rangers “woes”, rumours are circulating that Rangers urgent need to sell a player is down to the imminent takeover of HBOS by Lloyds TSB. The story goes that Lloyds will be perhaps a little less patient with football clubs living beyond their means and that Murray’s other business may come under closer scrutiny too.

Meanwhile in Manchester, City fans are jubilant.

Their team is not doing very well in the league and were recently dumped out of the cup by Notts Forest.

But they’re spending.

Like money was going out of fashion.

It’s a funny old game.


Fat unfashionable Irish bloke with a beard sings pop, laden with nuances and inluences from The Beatles, Allan Parsons, Stealers Wheel, XTC and the Beach Boys.

I’ve only just heard of them through a recommendation. Although this song (Take Me Away) is about three years old it’s on their wonderful 2008 album “Eleven Modern Antiques”. Right up my street this is.

I’ll bet the critics hate them.

Nepal-Michael Greenwell

Michael’s Blog is always an interesting and thought provoking read. In 2003 Michael worked for a while as a volunteer in Nepal and he has written a short book about his experiences there.

It is available free for download at the above link (at the top of the right hand column). Most of it is in an A-Z form and gives an insight into life in the Himalayas. For instance as dock leaves grow amongst nettles, so in Nepal cannabis grows amongst the maize and it is wild and plentiful. You also get free popcorn in the bars there. He tells of taxi drivers who will inform you that the hotel of your choice has burned down so that he can get commission from another hotel owner.

In the latter part of the book Michael tells of someone asking him to take some (ahem!) jewelery through customs.

The whole thing is illustrated with Michael’s own photos. Definitely worth the two minutes or so it takes to download on PDF.