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I first started blogging on WordPress on 24th January 2008. Less than a year later, TBLFP has welcomed its 100,000th visitor.

I realise of course that many of the visitors have simply picked up a link on google, will visit once and not return. However I know there are many regular readers and others who stop by from time to time. No matter which category you fall into, thank you for looking in. Thanks of course to all those who have left comments or sent emails and to those who have agreed or taken issue with me in person on things I’ve written here.

Here’s to the next 100,000!


Tommy Rot!

Well I admit it. After many years of resisting the non existent temptation of watching Big Brother, I finally succumbed at the weekend due to the inclusion of the Tomster aka Tommy Sheridan as a “housemate” I watched some of the footage and comment.

“Dad!!!” spoke my 10 year old “are you actually watching that rubbish?” “Well yes I suppose I’m interested in someone who’s in the show” “Is it Tommy Sheridan? (she is politically aware for her age)”  “Er yes”

After fifteen minutes of inane banality however (Verne has just moved to another room! and so has La Toya!), my daughter again opined “Dad this is rubbish isn’t it?”.

Am I smarter than a ten year old?

I switched it off.

I am unlikely ever to watch it again. I’m not even sure why I watched any of it in the first place. I think I wanted to hear “firebrand politician” the Tomster call Verne Troyer “wee man” or ask Ulrika-ka-ka if she came here often. Or something.

As Mrs Bigrab once succinctly put it, “Big Brother is just millions of sad bastards tuning in to watch other sad bastards on the telly”

Mrs Bigrab is the Diva of the apposite comment.

Footnote: Maybe the apparent loathing by the wretched BB viewers of the Tomster will work to his advantage in Scotland. This is especially true of the accent thing. So what if La Toya Jackson can’t understand him? I wonder if she could understand the three times table…… or perhaps count two elephants?

Safe In the Seventies (4)

Another in the series of 1970’s public information films. Be careful with that chin when you approach junctions!

Things Could Be Looking Up!

I received the following email yesterday. As you will understand I will henceforth be spending so much time counting my money I may not blog much in the foreseeable future. Mr Shung Lee seems such a nice man and Major Biz International is such a snappy name for a multi-national. I’m flattered at being approached quite out of the blue like this.


I am Mr.Shung Lee; I work with group of business men who deal on raw materials such as Calcite,Barytes,Manganese,Dioxide,Dolomite,Mica,China
Clay ,Mangnesen and Construction chemicals. Our Company (Major Biz INT’L) was established in 1997. Over the years we have accumulated invaluable experience in our business and we are proud to claim we are first among equals.

We have limited countries where our products are been exported. Due to the quality of our products we have some successfully few customers in United Kingdom, America and Canada Countries. And due to the high demand for our
products in America, Canada and Europe, we have decided to move our products fully into the continent of America and Australia. By so doing, we are Searching for reliable persons/companies who can act as a DISTRIBUTOR // RECEIVING OFFICER for us. He/She will act as medium between Our
customers and us in their established area. Most of our clients will be

making Payments to you through you to us in the form of bank Draft, cashier cheques, western union, and wire transfer. Butwhichever Option that they opt for, you would be entitled to 10% ten percent.

If approved as our Representative, you are entitled to an annual income of $25,000USD and 10% of whatever amount you receive from customers who are making payments through you to us. Please if you are interested in transacting business with us, we will be very glad.

Please, forward to us the following informations,

1.Full Names____________________________________
2.House Address________________________________
6.Mobile Number_________________________________
10.Date of Birth_________________________________

Contact us via email: for more information.

Thank you as we await your further response.

In Trust and Good Faith.

Mr.Shung Lee (CEO),
Block G, Floor 6,
Zhongshan Garden,
Zhaohui Road 221,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310014, China