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The Most Bizarre Video You Will Watch Today!

An everyday story of Alaskan folks. The governor talks pish in a Burberry scarf. There are many such people wandering around but so far as I know none of them have ever seriously tried for the American Vice Presidency! One wonders if the turkeys have chosen death rather than have to listen.

Thugs in Suits (Also police, teachers, doctors and ministers)

Lets be honest, there usually isn’t anything funny about the British National Party. However I have just read this article about the publishing of their membership list on the internet.

The first gem was this;

“The BNP leader, Nick Griffin, claimed today that he knew the identity of the person who published the list, describing him as a “hardliner” senior employee who left the party last year.”

That’s right folks, the leader of the BNP described someone as a “hardliner”

And what about this?

“A BNP spokesman, Simon Darby, said: “If we find out the name of the person who published this list it will turn out to be one of the most foolish things they have done in their life.” Griffin insisted this did not represent a threat of violence but the reality that the person faced prison for breaching a high court injunction. The BNP leader admitted the party was relying on the Human Rights Act, based on EU legislation, which it opposes, to try to protect the privacy of its members.”

and this?

“Some of the members’ hobbies are listed. One gives her occupation as “holistic therapist” and her pastimes as “metaphysics, cartoon drawing”. Another lists his hobbies as “fantail doves, koi carp, gardening”.

I also read that some of the members were former Labour, Tory and Lib-dem councillors. At what point does a Lib-dem become a  BNP member do you think? It’s almost like someone getting fed up with an episode of the Waltons and turning over to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

And although it has been done to death on other topics, this is a classic. (Sweary video warning!)

Similar Brand.

Without Lipstick and Earrings

Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Jo Brand

Rather an unusual night for me last night because I watched two television programmes. Really they are the only two shows that I don’t like to miss, namely Have I Got News for You? and Q.I.

The former, with Frank Skinner doing very well sitting in for the unfit Paul Merton inevitably featured footage from Strictly Crap Television Strictly Come Dancing which rendered it unavoidable for me to watch. The clip however was enough to confirm all the prejudice I have against such programmes. Later in the excellent Q.I., self confessed ‘fat bird’ Jo Brand was a panelist. The similarity is striking is it not? Has anyone seen them together?