• November 2008
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Water,Water Everywhere

Helensburgh begins its third day without water today. Apparently this was caused by a burst main somewhere in the town. Scottish Water have been dishing out 2 litre bottles of drinking water which is fair enough, and they have erected massive water centres at street corners. However this will be my second morning without a shower and it’s not easy washing yourself with two litre bottles of drinking water – and they’re cold!

Any kind readers outwith the G84 postcode mind if I come round for a shower?

Hair Raising.

Stewart Milne

Donald Trump

Over at Havering On Richard has featured a letter sent to the Scotsman by property developer and owner of Aberdeen F.C. Stewart Milne. The letter is fulsome in its support for the Donald Trump golf course development in Aberdeenshire.

I’m not one for idle speculation but surely an examination of the evidence suggests that the building of a state of the art school of hairdressing for the north east cannot be far away!

More Scots Words

I’m hooked on this dictionary.

There is evidence that the Scots may not have had the most logical approach to finance. One word therein is ‘milryn’ which was apparently a Scots coin worth £2 and 17 shillings. One wonders at the purpose of such a denomination. The price of three coos and/or a crate of whisky perhaps? the minimum stake in the Darien Scheme? The price of an advance deposit on a hoose at Trumpland? who knows?
I’m sure though that examination of the Bank of Scotland’s current troubles would reveal that the milryn has got some part to play in it.

I love this one, ‘minchick’ is defined as a very small piece. A ‘minchickie’ is a very small piece indeed!

What about ‘hogry-mogry’ meaning in a confused state, disorderly, untidy, slovenly? see also huggry muggry (note the double g this time). Presumably an equivalent of hugger-mugger.

‘Liddisdale-drow’ probably says more about the Scots psyche than any word or phrase thus far. A liddisdale-drow is a shower that soaks an Englishman to the skin!

We have a word specifically to describe an Englishman getting soaked. I checked if we have a word for ‘a chip on each shoulder’ but have had no success so far.