• November 2008
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The Aftermath

Just watched Obama’s victory speech made in front of cheering masses in Chicago. Not surprisingly he quoted from Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. He spoke about an old woman of 106 who had voted, and the changes that she had witnessed in the USA during that time. Probably the most inspiring political speech to be made in the USA for quite some time despite a rather serious more than victorious tone. I half expected to hear the strains of this old hit from Marvin Gaye as the camera turned on a tearful Jesse Jackson.

John McCain’s concession speech was very gracious and sincere. He expressed his disappointment but congratulated Obama and said ‘he’s my president now , how about you?’ I suppose expecting polite applause. To his obvious discomfort the crowd booed and jeered.

Of course the commentators are sending their mouths and brains (in that order) into overdrive. ‘The Republicans, in the same way that the Conservative Party in Britain did with Margaret Thatcher in the 70’s, now look to Sarah Palin as their hope for the future.’


It’s Obama!

In a combination of insomnia and battling the symptoms of the lurgy, I turned on the TV to find out that Barack Obama has taken Ohio and Virginia. These are THE bellwether states and means that the USA has almost certainly elected its first ever African American president. I say well done to him. Well done for putting up with, and getting the better of, the slings and arrows of the neocons and religious nutjobs. Well done for rising above the sometimes disgraceful coverage of Murdoch’s Fox News.

CLICK HERE for Obama Youtube channel.

The new president is by no means perfect. Like his contemporaries and predecessors in the American political firmament he has a tendency to gild the lilly about his and his family’s achievements. He is, one feels a little light on policy and a little heavy on rhetoric. However, overnight the world has become a safer place for most of us and a considerably more dangerous one for Barack Obama.

The video above shows how Obama employed the American love for schmaltz and evangelism. The shots of him against the floodlit rain, the calls for change, it’s a big job etc. etc. It says nothing but conveys ‘vote for me’. The American people have made their choice. On the face of it it has been a wise one. Let us hope that President Obama lives up to their faith and his promises.