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Not All Prank Calls Should Be Condemned

Sarah Palin thinks she is talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Fantastic, not to mention hilarious.

She doesn’t twig until they tell her it’s a prank despite the clues.

The Last Tram from Auchenshuggle to Dalmuir West

Youtube is a fantastic facility. I subscribe to various channels and I’m particularly interested in 20th century Glasgow footage. I’ve featured films before by a Youtube user called ‘glasgowwest’. His/her latest upload is a ten minute documentary about the last day of the Glasgow tram service. I can actually remember being on Glasgow trams which is remarkable because they were withdrawn from service a week before my third birthday in 1962. The only explanation I can offer for this is that we travelled on them regularly as part of a journey to visit my grandparents and perhaps just my parents talking about the trams in subsequent years retained that very early memory.

Even though I was brought up in a semi rural location 25 miles from the city, I can certainly remember the Glasgow (and west of Scotland) of the 1960’s depicted in this film. The black and white suits it pefectly. There was very little middle ground in those days. Rich/poor, Catholic/Protestant, Labour/Tory, white collar/manual, cooncil/bought hoose, good/bad. You were one or the other.

It was a world of Capstain full strength, wine drunk from a bottle in a brown paper bag, women busily cleaning houses and closes in their daytime attire of a pinny (apron). Businessmen’s lunches – three courses for four shillings and sixpence, jumpers for goalposts etc. etc.

The Glasgow Transport Museum, at that time in Pollokshaws but now situated at the Kelvin Hall in the west end of Glasgow is mentioned in the film. It really is a remarkable museum and has quite a few of the old trams as exhibits. There is also a salvaged underground station complete with train carriage which ran from Victorian times until 1980.

Unfortunately glasgowwest doesn’t allow embedding of his/her work but if you follow THIS LINK the ten minutes taken will be worth it. Particularly if you’re from the Glasgow or surrounding area.

Strange but True

This is, and has been for some time, my avatar at the football fan site Pie and Bovril Always ahead of the news eh?

Dumbarton 5 Berwick Rangers 2

I did’t think I’d get to the game yesterday but I did get along – albeit late. By the time I got there Sons were just scoring their second goal via Ross Clark from the penalty spot, Paul McLeod already having put the home side ahead.

I didn’t get any photos either so thanks to the Berwick fan who posted these at his site (link on the photos)

Craig Anderson scored for the visitors in 32 minutes following a mix up in the Sons defence.

Sons third goal only two minutes later was a peach. Man of the match Stevie Murray picked up a botched clearance from the Berwick ‘keeper about thirty five yards out. With the ‘keeper stranded at the edge of the box, Murray perfectly lobbed the ball over his head and into the net.

In 52 minutes Ross Clark curled a free kick into the net, a shot that Nakamura would have been proud of. Shortly afterwards Berwick’s Gary Greenhill was ordered off for a desperate tackle in full view of the linesman at the corner flag.

Sub Liam Cusack made it five on 75 minutes and was obviously chuffed with the goal judging by his celebrations. Ewart scored for Berwick late on to put a slightly more respectable hue on the result but this was a convincing and emphatic home win.

Onwards and upwards for the Sons, now unbeaten in eight games. There is a long way to go but they are looking good just now. Due to work commitments my attendance at Sons games is sometimes sporadic. I was trying to remember the last time I saw them win three consecutive Saturdays with two of the games being away from home. I’m not sure but I have a feeling that Johnny Rotten may have been at the peak of his initial career before he got into shifting butter for a living.

Edited to include some first half highlights