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Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1929!

The House of Representatives has refused to back the ‘cross-party’ £700 billion rescue package for the USA economy.


What now?


19 Responses

  1. My old politics teacher, who passed a few weeks ago, would have said that the Congressmen will all run around screaming hysterically for three days, pausing only to attach lucrative earmarks for their own districts (does Alaska need ANOTHER bridge to nowhere?) and then on Thursday a modified version of it will get passed.

    Whether or not it then works, is another question. The various national banks have injected $630BN of liquidity today – which has had no effect whatsoever. Gulp.

  2. Can’t see any big live concerts being organised for these guys…Bono’s not even taking calls.

  3. Stop the wars they have started
    what is it 10 billion a week its costing them?????

  4. Lovely work there George Jr and the boys. What a legacy for the duddest of the dud presidents.

  5. it was the first sensible decision of that place for a long time,

    that bill would have given more money, more freedom from prosecution and complete carte blanche to the people that caused the problem.

    it was a good decision.

    the bill was the dole for the rich, the poor bastards. now the bill didn’t go through the people involved might not be able to get that 7th house and can only use the private jets at weekends.

    actually, they will find a way to do that by finding another way to fuck the normal people for that money.

  6. We’re seeing naked politics here; most of the Republicans who voted against are up for re-election in November and fear for their hides, always a politician’s first consideration. Their public is mostly vehement in opposition, so fair enough, but to hear protestations of ‘socialism’ in America is beyond even Mark Twain.

    What has happened however is that the Freedom Monkeys of the extreme right have tried to lay the blame at Nancy Pelosi’s address. And her crime ? To tell it like it is.

    The Neocons have fucked up big style, on everything from the domestic economy to illegal wars. Time that the Cheneys, Perles, Rices, Boltons, the Puppet Bush and the cabal of Zionist bankers (Wolfowitz, etc.,) who control the World Bank and the IMF were cast back into their outer darkness.

    Or maybe we should just put Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter in charge ?

  7. Let’s get piiiiiiiiiished!

  8. TK makes possibly the best assessment of the current situation that I have yet heard 😉

    No seriously, fern cake you have a particular gift with descriptive language which is always a joy even in a short comment. Missy also has that gift and if anyone hasn’t read her missives, check out my blogroll. and while you’re there check out Fleet, Colin (Adelaide GPC) and Michael (and not forgetting the aforementioned TK) which are all good reads too. This is indeed one articulate comments section!

    I can well understand and sympathise with the schadenfreude towards the fat cats and that would be fine if the buck (sic) stopped there. Sadly though it won’t.

    Missy, surely Bonio would help his old pal Dubya?

    Stand by for the next installment!

  9. Ty Ben-Lo, eloquent pish is my stock in trade.

    Seriously, some of your correspondents may be upset at my earlier reference to Zionists – I didn’t use this term lightly.

    My admiration for what the Jewish race has been through and has provided for mankind is very considerable. However some awkward facts remain.

    Much of what passes for foreign and fiscal policy on Washington’s Capitol Hill is predicated on placating and supporting an extremely powerful Jewish lobby, most visible in the massive and almost unquestioning financial, military and moral support given to Israel in the UN and elsewhere.

    And why is this lobby so powerful ? Because totally disproportionate to any population basis, Jewish interests control the levers of power in many key banking positions and institutions. They also form a highly influential voting lobby, and woe betide any US politician who takes Israel to ask or questions the free market.

    This is not just the situation in the US either. A cursory reading of Russian affairs post-Communism shows a starling emergence of a small but immensely powerful number of very rich oligarch Jewish figures, Roman Ahbrahmovitz being obviously one.

    Quite how this all comes about I can’t answer, but in terms of world affairs, economic stability and international justice and the imbalance between extreme wealth and poverty, I would suggest that it’s high time the backgrounds and activities of those being ‘elected’ to run banks and international institutions, eg The World Bank and IMF, were more closely examined to ensure more democratic and transparent appointments.

  10. Whilst there is great protectionism/nepotism amongst these types I don’t buy the whole Illuminati/Masonic conspiracy theories which place Zionists in the frame for everything from 9/11 to the rise of feminism.

    There is a powerful Jewish lobby as you say but so too is the influence of Muslim Saudi/Arabs who control a very large proportion of the US economy. And just to add flavour to this religious/racial mix we have the nutcase neocons who in the main are born again Christians.

    To think that the three main power/money /religious groups in the most powerful nation on earth don’t realise the truth spoken by my ten year old the other day.

    ‘Dad – you see religion? it’s just like Santa Claus for grown ups’

    In the US there is of course no Sanity Clause.

  11. Hmmm….I wasn’t placing Zionists in the frame for the world’s ills Ben-Lo, and I think you slightly trivialise my point.

    Sure there is now a cash-rich elite in the Middle East but that is a relatively modern phenomenon. Ditto the inexorable rise of China as a world power, financial and otherwise.

    My point was that the Jewish influence on current world affairs, and American and British ones in particular, has long been embedded following decades of influence and lobbying in political, financial and diplomatic circles. Far too much policy has been tailored around this situation.

    Interestingly the Christian crazies and ‘nutcase neocons’ tend to be unswerving in their support for Israel, presumably as they recognise a state with whom they share a common enemy. If they ever get to find out just how much of the USA now lies in the hands of that ‘enemy’ it will be interesting to say the least.

  12. Never mind all that- Celtic have been playing Villarreal in Spain for 43 minutes andaren’t getting humped yet – the world’s gone mad I tell you!

  13. I was upset by the Zionist reference even after your explanation Fern Cake.
    Yes there is too much support for Israel by the US goverment. But…. are all these guys at the financial heights Jewish? Most likely not.
    Others may take the argument about rich powerful Jews too far, you know. Care is required here.

  14. No intention to trivialise your point fern cake but your citing of manipulative Zionist influence brought to mind some of the more bizarre conspiracy theories one hears.

  15. I realise that care is required Jack, and I’m also sorry if you were upset. In the same way though that people who have a view regarding denominational schooling are too easily pigeon-holed as bigots, and those holding certain views on Islam are too easily labelled racists, are we to be invalidated from expressing opinions in case they cause some offence ?

    We both agree there is too much support by the US towards Israel, at times uncritical in my view. As I’ve stated, I believe there is a direct linkage in all of this, and whilst all these financial potentates are most certainly NOT Jewish, the Jewish lobby in the US does seem to exert an influence disproportionate to it’s numbers in the population.

    Why American Governments and it’s politicians are somewhat in thrall to this narrow constituency is interesting.

  16. ‘are we to be invalidated from expressing opinions in case they cause some offence ?’

    fern cake for the most part I’d say yes. Welcome to the Gulag.

    I blame the EU. 😉

    PS try googling Zionist EU. I won’t post links to these eejits but they are out there.

  17. Ben-Lo, thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve no time for these sort of nutters. Their motivation tends to be naked race-hatred.

    Perhaps I’ve expressed myself clumsily on this one, and any sort of finger-pointing at a specific grouping, especially Jews, does leave me wide open to dubious charges, but I’m basing my thoughts on global capitalism and how it affects much more than just money on what I’ve read over a wide range of both subject matter and time.

    Bowing out disgacefully…….

    PS – Good thread though

  18. I for one don’t think you have expressed yourself clumsily at all I was just pointing out that much (almost all) anti Zionist sentiment is rather more vicious and much less well reasoned than what you expressed. I’m actually fed up with the censorious society we have become. Perhaps my posting of last night (we’re doomed) suggests the lengths (sic) that people are going to not to offend anyone.

  19. Comment from a visiting American to my other half today; ‘McCain’s the candidate from my party, but I’m voting Obama as I don’t want the Alaskan nut job’s finger on the button if McCain crokes’

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