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What’s the Answer?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend’s 10 year old son was the subject of an attempted abduction not far from his home. Fortunately the youngster had the presence of mind to refuse the offer of a lift and run like hell. The man who attempted the abduction was a registered sex offender living in the community.

I’ve just read in the news that Gary Glitter is back in Thailand after Viet Nam and Hong Kong denied him entry. Thailand have told him he can’t stay either. It looks as if he’s going to end up back in the UK sooner rather than later.

I have a fairly liberal view about crime and punishment. However what is to be done about people who sexually abuse children? the crime has an extremely high rate of re-offending and as the case above illustrates, the offenders cannot be supervised properly in the community.

The safety of children should in my view be a much, much higher priority than the ‘human rights’ of characters like Gary Glitter.

Could chemical castration be the answer?

8 Responses

  1. I’m afraid I agree with you on the chemical castration front. These men will keep on breaking the law until the urge is removed. Take away what it is that makes them a threat. I would go even further to suggest that those on the more severe side of sex crimes against children, offenders face actual castration. Robert Black and the like…

    That may make me sound a little bit right wing, but something has to be done. And what a deterrent.

  2. Life imprisonment? Where life REALLY means life?

  3. Missy I think with extreme multi murder cases like Robert Black it is a case of throwing the key away.

    Jock, I don’t think we have room for them all for all that time. Why not just remove the urge?

    It’s an interesting article Alan. The problem is that if we give crime a special status and allowance for illness, particularly one where the controlling of an urge is involved, where do you stop?
    If a drunken alcoholic mows down a bus queue for example, is his alcoholic condition to be an excuse? Does someone get off with attacking and raping a woman by claiming psychiatric problems? Should we treat the perpetrators with compassion? I think not.
    Paedophilia is the most henious of acts, illness or no. Often the perpetrators are highly organised and can take great care in planning their crimes. If they can be treated then fine, treat them but Gary Glitter is over 60 and has presumably been at this kind of thing for decades.

  4. I’m not an advocate of the point of view articulated by the Times journo concerned ; I was just drawing your attention to the text as it was relevant to your blog posting.

  5. Apparently chemical castration results in the urge being translated into violent tendencies, so that’s probably not the answer.
    I’m all for rehabilitation if it’s possible but most of these guys don’t think they’ve done anything wrong.
    Very bad cases do get life as life (Ian Brady)
    Extremely close supervision after release from jail for those who are let out is required but the money won’t be there to pay for it.

  6. Alan thanks.

    Jack I’ve read a few pros and cons on CC and hadn’t heard about it being a driver of violent behaviour. The best argument I’ve heard against it is the miscarriage of justice angle, and given the UK’s record on that then it is a thought.

  7. […] the wake of Gary Glitter’s return to the UK, Big Rab asks what should be done about sex offenders given the crime’s large re-offending […]

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