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Guest Blogger – Stockport Steve

My good friend Steve came up from Stockport in Cheshire to see The Blue Nile with me at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall last night. He posted the following account of our travels on the parade (the Blue Nile Yahoo Group) and I thought I’d reproduce it here and illustrate with photos. I have edited slightly 8)

“Having flown to Glasgow and met up with Robert, we went back to his house
to dump the car and then we took a ferry across the Clyde and had lunch in
an excellent 100 year old Italian cafe (The Cafe Continental in Gourock) overlooking the river. Superb food and beer and we had a good craic while the sun shone (sorry, I was told to
mention the weather frequently)….. anyhoo, around 3 pm we caught a train
into Glasgow travelling along the South bank of the Clyde with Robert
pointing out the various football (soccer) grounds along the way…. there
must have been 3-4 before we got into town. I am now an expert on lower
division soccer in West Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire.

Glasgow – Central…….

We ambled around central Glasgow looking at the various elegant buildings
and even popping into a gallery to look at a modern art exhibition…… I
don’t know what planet the artist (James Lambie) was from, but he definitely needs to stop
smoking funny stuff….. we have photos.

(Click on a thumbnail to view)

Digression – we discussed the fact that statues of famous people on horses
fall into 3 categories….
Horse with both front legs in the air = person killed in battle
Horse with 1 front leg raised = person died of result of wounds received in
Horse with 4 legs on ground = person died “naturally”.
So the Duke of Wellington statue with 4 legs on the ground (outside the Gallery of Modern Art) appears to
support this fact-let….. not sure what the yellow parking cone underneath
the horse indicates……

The Horseshoe….

Onto the Horsehoe Bar to wait for other friends to arrive….. great old
character bar, beer again good, something called Velvet…. a bitter not a
lager. Mark and Andrea joined us between 5 and 6 and it turned out both
had been delayed by an hour. We stayed there until around 7 and afternoon
some substantial sandwiches and a couple more drinks…..(hint Malt whisky
in Scottish bars is so cheap!) we made our way up to the hall (not far from
the bar thankfully)…… More photos on the entrance steps on the hall are

The Show…..

Despite my best intentions, I was persuaded to leave the bar and watch the
support, Emily McKenzie (I think)….. singer songwriter, reasonable
guitarist, good Australian electric bass player alongside…. has been
played by Wogan on Radio and was an interesting but not earth shattering
support act.

We had middle of row seats on Row L and had a pretty good view. Usual
stage set up, light show/lasers/back projection/dancing girls and various
inflatable animals, OK, I’m lying….. the lights did their job. Sound was

Set list as Robert said included all of Hats (edit, they didn’t play Lets Go Out or 7am), only 2 from PAL (Happiness
and Family Life), 3 from High (She saw the world, I would never, Stay
Close) and most of AWATR. So good to hear “From A Late Night Train” making
a sneak appearence, but no “Toledo” or “Body & Soul” ….. Some wag who
shall remain nameless, but he was sitting next to me shouted “Play
something off the new album”, which was promptly ignored!

Atmosphere was as usual,,, PB appearing nervous but hitting his stride

without really opening up to us….. Larry Saltzman did a lot of the
twiddly guitar bits which freed Paul up to hang onto the mike stand without
having to strum too often…. Larry was excellent and I thought really
nailed the melodies on the songs. Family Life, whilst a highlight, didn’t
leave a lump in the throat….

Again, I agree with Robert about the overall show…… It didn’t reach the
highs of the 2006 ones… perhaps we were expecting too much.

Encores were “Headlights” and “Strangers” and that was it, gone in just
under 2 hours.

We met up with Andrea and Mark and hung around, but the Glasgow glitterati
who were obviously heading for a backstage party failed to spot us and we
didn’t make it in.

Possible Album Cover?

Came out and it was raining (I felt at home)…. turned down a last drink
with A&M to get the last train to Helensburgh, so we said our goodbyes
and went our separate ways. On arrival at the station, we discovered we’d
just missed a train by 5 mins and had to wait 30 mins for the last one….
fortunately, there was a bar nearby so we managed 1 last drink…

Train ride home was uneventful except for us having to deal with a guy who
refused to accept that it wasn’t our fault that the train he’d got on
wasn’t going the right way for him to get home….. after 3 stops (getting
further away from his home) and a few well chosen words from mein host, he
got off leaving us to ponder the gig and the day overall as we walked home
in a gale…….what odds a new album this time next year?