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C’moan Cathy Hen!

I hear Cathy Jamieson’s name being mentioned as a possible successor to wee Wendy. I can think of one person who will be hoping and praying that this happens. Two actually because obviously wee Eck would be delighted, but really he must be fairly confident of continuing success no matter who Labour come up with. No the person I’m thinking of is Jonathan Watson. In the video below, go to 3 minutes 22 seconds in.


2 Responses

  1. I found out to my incredulity a few years ago that in a previous existence I worked with her husband. And I’ve actually met SuperCath, and can tell you that her televisual persona is not an affectation for the cameras, she really is coorse as a badgers bum.

    Put your money on Iain Gray, London’s choice…..

  2. I am afraid wee Cathie is far too left wing for new labour
    given a chance she would be off message in a minute

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