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Scotland Goes Pop! (2)

In 2005 Mrs. Bigrab and I went to Oran Mor in Glasgow to a charity night in aid of victims of the Tsunami. We had gone to see The Blue Nile make their first live appearance in Glasgow in 9 years. Some of the other acts on the night were strange bedfellows for TBN. For instance there was Chris Andrews (Yesterday Man), Middle of the Road (yes indeed Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep!) and the Marmalade. This incarnation of The Marmalade (about 35 years after their last hit) was in fact two of the original members playing unplugged and I’m not actually 100% sure of their names but they were the left handed guitarist on the left of the video below and the bass player on the right.

There is a very full and informative biography of the group HERE

When they came on I was wondering what we were in for as my clearest memory of them was their cover of the Lennon/McCartney (but mainly McCartney) composition Obla Di Obla Da which defined them in many peoples eyes and ears as a kind of bubblegum pop outfit. However it is worth remembering that they supported the likes of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix declared the group’s “I see the Rain” as the best single of 1967.

On the night in question the two proceeded to play a set of what must be some of the finest pop songs ever to be exported from Scotland, just on accoustic guitar, accoustic bass and two vocals. This one was a particular stand out. Spot the now politically incorrect trade mark of Robertson’s Jam on the drums.


8 Responses

  1. I remember reading once that this song, “Reflections Of My Life,” was the most played on American FM radio over the last 25 years of the twentieth century.

  2. Really? that is a surprise considering the competition although it fits the FM radio requirement perfectly – well crafted pathos with a catchy tune.

  3. A vastly under rated band….

    Besides the tracks you talk about I really like ‘Lovin Things’….pure 60s pop. It has a great hook. Others I like – Cousin Norman, good hook, good vibe. They did an interesting and very passable version of Hey Joe. And finallt, Baby Make It soon was another good pop record…

  4. Hi Rab

    Guitarist is ‘Junior’ Campbell and bass player is Graham Knight

    Good to know they are still playing

  5. Thanks Martin, I must admit I thought Junior Campbell was the front man but of course I was only a wee boy at the time.

    There’s a point – did your paths ever cross? I know you knew Alex Harvey.

  6. Richard I meant to say that I’d be very surprised if Becker and Fagen hadn’t heard records like Cousin Norman. It almost sounds like an early Steely Dan record.

  7. I’ve never thought of the Steely connection until you mentioned it….but you’ve got a point BR

  8. […] people are saying Scotland Goes Pop! (2) trackback from post […In 2005 Mrs. Bigrab and I went to Oran Mor in Glasgow to a charity night in […]

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