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To Blog or not to Blog

“Why DO you do it?” asked a friend of mine the other day (no names no pack drill but he has commented on here a few times). It’s a question I’ve never asked myself. “I just kind of enjoy it I suppose” I answered pathetically. Then he said “It’s just like Friends Reunited or Ebay or whatever” it’s a fad – it’ll pass. People will get fed up reading the shite you write sooner or later”. Ooooh! wounded I was.

So it started me thinking why DO I do this? Well I’ve never been one to hold back an opinion so expressing them is a kind of safety valve I suppose. The equivalent of being in an empty room and banging one’s head head against a brick wall and shouting, only a bit less painful and a little quieter. Well it was a bit like an empty room when only a few souls ventured in this direction. For whatever reason readership has been gaining steadily particularly in the last couple of weeks. The blog stats zoomed through 20,000 yesterday and sitemeter is showing more than 300 visitors yesterday and today.

The real reason I do it though is a combination of the above theraputic balm and the chance to be creative. That might be expressing an opinion on current events or writing a song. It could be as simple as posting a video and a one line comment to go with it. If it gets a reaction by a comment then you know you’ve connected with someone and had at least a marginal influence on their day.

The creativity can be done when the opportunity presents itself (In my case usually in the morning between 6am and 7:30 when the rest of the household are still crashed out.)

“You’re a sad man – your obsessed!” was my friend’s (well I think he’s a friend!) parting shot

I’m not am I? God I’ve been worrying about that for days now!



Travel Advice Required

We’ve decided to take a short break in London. Can any of you experienced travellers tell me the pros and cons of Easyjet? (Glasgow/London) Is it worth the extra to go to Gatwick? if not, is Luton or Stansted the better option? It LOOKS like a no brainer as Luton is so much nearer Central London. Any advice gratefully received.