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My Oh My!

Do you know what? I just never thought I’d see a world like this. Here in the EU we are simply submerged in human rights. When I say human rights I mean the kind that’ll help some psycho scumbag life term prisoner find loopholes in the system to embarrass the government and make life easier for him. Most EU “human rights” with admittedly some exceptions are really a chancers’ charter. However what about civil liberties? i.e. REAL human rights- BASIC human rights? In the all singing all dancing human rights fest that is the EU, a member state’s government (A Labour government) thinks it is perfectly all right to introduce legislation to hold terrorist suspects for 42 days without charge. The opposition (A Conservative opposition) pointed out in parliament today that for a civilised democracy this is in fact taking the piss. They are of course quite correct.

When I was about 20 and idealistic, if someone had told me that a Conservative leader of the opposition would be taking the moral high ground in parliament on civil liberties against a Labour government I’d have laughed at the idea.

It happened today. It looks however like Labour will win the vote.

Meanwhile in the most reticent state in the EU, a country which fought long and hard for its independence goes to the polls tomorrow to have its say on giving more powers to the EU parliament and to voting in a new raft of “human rights”. I’ve I feeling the answer will be a resounding “feck off”


TBLFP Goes Top Ten!

A few weeks ago I registered the blog with the site Top Scottish Websites. Although I can’t figure out how they calculate traffic, the blog numbers there are certainly lower than the WordPress or Sitemeter figures, I’m delighted to say that today The Ben Lomond Free Press, for a short time at least, sits at number 10 amongst some rather august company.

I feel this is largely due to an inexplicable number of hits over the last few days, mainly from Brazil and the USA , for my piece a while back about John Prescott and his ludicrous claiming of victim status on account of him being a greedy bastard. Also I had done a posting about Gary Larson which has attracted much interest, although not yet from Mr Larson himself. Gary apparently gets rather annoyed by his work being publicised for free on blogs and has the offending posts removed.