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It’s Official! Whisky IS Good For You!

I found this article HERE
but it contains such important health news that I will shamelessly reproduce it. Of course hardly a day goes by without one of these “scientists have discovered” articles, e.g. “eating six portions of broccoli per day can significantly prolong your life”. My answer is why would you want to prolong your life if you were condemned to eating broccoli at such levels?

Tough Choices. Both of These Items are Good For You.

“Drinking whisky can help protect you against cancer, a conference of international scientists have heard. Researchers have long hailed the anti-cancer properties of red wine due to its antioxidant content.Delegates at the EuroMedLab 2005 conference in Glasgow have now been told that whisky contains significantly higher levels of a powerful antioxidant that kills cancer cells.Dr. Jim Swan, an independent consultant to the worldwide drinks industry, discussed the art and science of whisky distilling, as well as its possible health benefits.

“There has been much inthe news about the health benefits of antioxidants in red wine.

“By contrast, very little has been said about malt whisky distillery science.

“However, research has shown that there are even greater health benefits to people who drink single malt whiskies. Why? Single malt whiskies have more ellagic acid than red wine.”

Dr. Swan said that ellagic acid is a highly effective ‘free radical scavenger’ that actually ‘absorbs’ or ‘eats up’ rogue cells that occur in the body during eating.

‘The free radicals can break down the DNA structure of our existing cells, which then leads to the risk of the body making replacement rogue cancer cells.

“So, whether you indulge in the odd tipple, or you are a serious connoisseur, whisky can protect you from cancer and science proves it,” he said.”

At the end of the article some fool disputes these obviously painfully researched findings viz:

But Dr. Lesley Walker, director of cancer information at Cancer Research UK, said: “On the contrary, there is considerable data documenting the link between drinking excess alcohol and the increased risk of a number of cancers, particularly in smokers.”


10 Responses

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  2. Only just discovered this web site and only just read bigrab’s comment on whisky versus broccolli. It started my day with a laugh. A really good laugh.

  3. i think your comments are no 1 also been told that whisky is good for keeping cancer at bay

  4. Surly it would have to be like detol for your body!

  5. […] Official! Whisky Is Good For You! (2) Posted on July 28, 2010 by bigrab I wrote here a couple of years ago about a survey which had said that whisky had been found to contain an […]

  6. 3 tablespoons of whiskey in hot milk helps me to sleep.

  7. How good it is as a sedative without any side effects

  8. i guess i’ll never have cancer, go figure???

  9. Woohoo! Christmas drinking just got fun!

  10. eu acho que toda e qualquer bebida em excesso é prejudicial para a saúde,agora uma bebida de boa qualidade,com certeza é menos prejudicial.

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