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Harmonica Madness

I can find no info on this but I suspect it is probably the Morton Fraser Gang, Borra Minnevitch and the Harmonica Rascals or a similar band. There were many of these harmonica groups from the 1930’s through to the 60’s playing in variety.

79 Responses

  1. Hi

    My Uncle was known as Stan Kaye who was a member of the Gang, sadly he passed away a long time ago. I am in contact with Henry who is still playing Harmonica, I think he’s around 86 now. I am not sure if this is the Gang however I have sent the link over for him to comment.

    Any one who has any information they could send me please do.

    David M

    • hi David. I joined the act in nov,1964and of course the well known stan kaye was there,he was the next best recognised one after tiny ross who was the feature of the act I liked Stan a lot he had a very dry sense of humore which he charmed a few people with.Stan was never without a large gin & tonic and a racing times in his pocket .He was a clever guy and should have been in films. I could write a book with the great memories i have of my day’s in the greatest variety act in the buisness.Hallo to all the lads who passed through the act in my time with it. Johnny Temple one of the greatest talents ever.He could impersonate Sinatra better than Sinatra,but none of us would dare tell Sinatra that..Simon Cowell should have been around when Johnny was ,He would have made him a star like he deserved to be .God bless you Johnny I miss you.There was tony farrow,dusty rhodes,nolan abott,pete simmo,nic mc,nicol,jimmy a cockney lad nice guitarist and a good puller of the girls,Vince galice Tony’s son a lovely man like his dad was.tony was a good straight decent manager of the act great accordian player,and diciplinarian.Tiny was my drinking partner wherever we travelled to each Tony could always find Tiny and I in the stage door pub.We were a very diciplined act I even missed out on playing a round of golf with Sean Connery in Scarbourgh because a morning rehearsal came first.Thats as they say SHOW BUISNESS.Happy Day’s without a dought.I forgot to name drop, I had a champaign breakfast with none other than the lovely zaza gabor whist doing a t v show with her and Matt Munro 1967 in Baden Baden.Boy did we have a great life in the golden 60’s Think I’ve gotten carried away but its all very true.RON.

      • HI RON, I knew you when we lived in Kilmarnock, you were still in the gang. I went to Glasgow to live and worked with Scottish opera and Scottish ballet until 5 years ago, now retired. Hope you are well. Hazel

      • hi what happened to walter john ross aka tiny

        • I am his niece though we never saw much on him. He was Uncle Sonny to us. My mother was his sister. I found only yesterday that he died in 1994 in Cardigan South Wales. I could have visited him if I had known as I live only 40 miles away.

        • My mother Hilda Riley was on stage with Walter John Ross”known to us as sonny”. Her stage name was Dorinda, and traveled the country with the Sunshine Girls Dance Troop,I only have 2 photos of her on stage with Tiny and the girls and would love any other photos or information of her from 1935 to1945 .

      • Dear Ron,

        I am aware of Tony FARROW but did you ever know a REG Farrow? Reg is clearly third in from screen left, in the Pathe film of the band playing In the Mood in 1946. I new Reg from 1988 -1997 in Bognor Regis, where Morton actually lived and retired. Reg told me he was in the act from 1946-1950 ish. Ever head of him?

    • Hi I used to collect autographs outside the royalty theatre chester and have stan kaye s signed the harmonica gang in 1957.

  2. Hi David. Ask Henry if he knew Ken Howell.

  3. Dear David, I didn’t realise that Stan Kaye was your uncle. He originally came from shoreditcand lived at 68 Enfield Bldgs. He was a very funny guy and did a great job with the act playing the chord harmonica plus doing some comedy shticks with his string bass while I was doing an impression of the “Ink Spots”. Both he and Dave King used to play a lots of pranks with me. I believe he was living in Scarborough when he passed away. I still have some of the old photo’s of the act and I have them on my Bio’s that I often give out and mail to organizations to drum up gigs. I am now 86 and still do many casuals for senior organizations and retirement homes. I believe Stan had a sister. hope she is still alive and well. It was a very pleasant surprise to find out that Stan was your uncle. Give my very best to your family and I wish you all well., Thanks for contacting me and stay in touch. All the best. Henry.

  4. Well this is fantastic to hear from you both.

    Henry, I knew Ken Howell pretty well. He played with the Morton Fraser Gang in the sixties I believe and competed in competition with the National Harmonica League until he was in his seventies. He died in the mid nineties but I was proud to win a jazz trophy which bore his name a couple of years after his passing.

    He was a great character full of fun and an absolutely brilliant classical, jazz and popular music player. He appeared on TV and did recording fairly late in life.

    Another character I met at that time was Harry Pitch. Harry played the theme for Last of the Summer Wine and was also “Mr Bloe” from the sixties record “Grooving with Mr Bloe” As far as I know Harry is still playing the jazz circuit in London although he’ll be quite an age (and probably no less grumpy)

    • My research on the “Morton Fraser Harmonica Gang” so far is making the world smaller, It was great to see names popping up.
      The very first song I taught my Daughter on Key Board was the theme music for the “Last of the Summer Wine” When we had friends round the house my Daughter would go up stairs set the key board to Harmonica and play the tune.
      We are now looking to find “Don Paul” so if you have any information please get back me or Henry.

    • I don’t know if anyone will read this, but I am a certainly Mr Ken Howell’s sixteen year old grandson.
      He died when I was very young, although what photos, and occasional videos of him and I see a genuine, if not grumpy, and caring man.
      It’s nice to see him get recognition as a musician, and gives me hope, as I am venturing on my own musical adventure now, in botht the guitar and harmonica.
      Liam Howell

      • Hi Liam
        I knew your Grandad, after his Harmonica Gang days, when he was living in Colwyn Bay. I was in a 3 piece combo with him and he was the finest musician that I will probably ever have the honour to know and perform with.
        His skills were not limited to music – he was a brilliant conjourer/magician and an all round entertainer.
        I count myself truly lucky to have known Ken and his lovely wife Mich.

      • Hi Liam,

        Your Grandad was my Dad’s brother (my uncle) which makes us second cousins I believe!

        I only met Ken on several occasions on visits to his home in Colwyn Bay and when he was competing in harmonica competitions in Birmingham, where I was living at that time with my family. I also met your Dad Ian but I was very young and can only remember him having a passion for motorbikes!

        I came across this site as I was researching Ken and am very proud of what I’ve read about him. I’m pleased to hear you are keeping the music in the family! It would be great if we could get in touch? You can contact me through my company website http://www.checkatrade.com/FourSeasonsLandscape/

        I look forward to hearing from you!

        Steve Howell

    • How nice to hear someone rave about Ken Howell.I am Ken’s Brother Peter,he truly was a very talented guy.Ken died 13th March 1995.One of my earliest memories of Kens musical talent was going round the local pubs in Hall Green,Birmingham when I was about 12yrs old accompanying him very badly on my trumpet,needless to say I did not inherit his musical talent as the only tune I could play at that time was ‘Oh Mine Papa’ As I write this I am looking at the article from the ‘Weekly News’ dated Thursday 16th March 1995 written by Larry Adler who kindly autographed it for me when he played at Ronnie Scott’s in Birmingham July 1996.

  5. Proud to be still entertaining at the over-ripe age of 86. The senior organizations I play to love to hear the good old standards. Thanks to the Karaoke machine for making this possible. A few years ago I met a super musician that arranged my music for a 5 piece orchestra and I pre-recorded my back up and placed on to a CD which I run through my Karaoke machine. I don’t have to be at any agents mercy or rejection as I do my own thing and it makes me feel great that I could hold an audience for the best part of 60 minutes and finish up with a standing ovation. Henry Samuels.

  6. I have just come across your site whilst looking for information on the Morton Fraser Group. A year ago I was in a large antique dealers shop the other side of Stratford on Avon ,(I live in Rugby) and was astounded to see a large Hohner chord harmonica locked up in a glass cabinet. On reading the tag attached to the case it mentioned something about the Morton Fraser Group. I vaguely remembered seeing this group when I was young boy and it was because of them that I took an interest in the harmonica. I took a close look at the instument and decided to buy it. The sales assistant could not verify the history but did give me the contact number of the person who had brought it in to sell.

    I managed to contact this person eventually and he told me that he was an antiques dealer who had himself bought from a musical instument dealer in Leicester.

    The owner of that shop said that a person had brought it into to him a couple of years previous to sell, informing him that he was a relative of a member of the former Morton Fraser Group and since this person had passed away had decided to sell the harmoica. The dealer could not remember the name of the previous owner

    This harmonica is in perfect conition and tune still in it’s original case. I have already written to Henry Samuels informing him about this harmonca and he
    showed a lot of interest. I am going to contact BBC archives to see if they have any recordings of the Morton Fraser Group. appearances

    • If you log on to Morton Fraser’s Harmonica Gang You tube. You will see them which was taken from a musical movie entitled “The Edmundo RosHalf Hour” .This was made in the 50’s. The only two survivors are myself and Jimmy Garside who did the knockabout comedy at the early part of the program. If you want to see me log on to Henry Samuels harmonica you tube and you will see this old Blowhard at the over ripe age of 88. Chow’ Henry.

  7. does anyone remember Jack Lester who sang with the Morton Gang

    • yes but i think you mean steve lester real name jimmy garside, he is my cousin andstill alive regards roger

  8. Check out `Johnny Stafford harmonica player` on Google. A well known player who played with Morton Fraser Gang from 1959 to 1962.

  9. My Dad was also in the gang! His name is Ian (nick) McNicol and he was originally from Glasgow and played tenor banjo. He played gigs until a few years a go when arthritis in his fingers stopped him. As a child I remember going to Scarborough to see them perform. Many years a go I was watching an episode of Telly Addicts and they were on it as one of the clips!

  10. I remember nick well .he liked snakes of all bloody things.we had some good times he,ll remember.tony vincent the manager sadly passed away about 6 years ago.ken howell has gone too.also stan kaye &tiny ross.wonder how johnny temle is .tony farrow dusty rhodes pete simmo, wonderful days. anyway hi to johnny stafford a real gentleman.love ………Ron

  11. me again,just to say.I remember listening to tony vincent talk of the old days of the act. henry samuels chromatic,clem radcliffe sadly passed away a few years ago.of course gordon mills who discovered tom jones,englbert, g o,sullivan.gordonleft the act as i joined it .was it something i said.any way not many of us left. i play occasionally in the famous Trumpet Jazz Pub in Bilston outside wolverhampton where i live. anyway enough from me lets hear from some other interested harmonica enthusiast Ron Eadie.

    • ianmcnicol to Ron, wow at last av found you, you ould burger , Dan, ma son rang on ll to say he had found you!! how the 9L are you? you can get me on this thingy, or on fone ao, 01621 77 8276. hope all is o.k. with you and yours get in touch mate!!! 🙂

    • Its great to know that that are many harmonica players out there still remember Morton Fraser’s Harmonica Gang. I joined them in 1947 when I came out of the army and stayed with them until 1957. Although I am now 87 I am still doing gigs for many senior organizations and retirement homes. Seniors still want to hear the best music from the 40’s and the 50’s. I put a 45 minute act together consisting of vocals and humor apart from the harmonica and the seniors love my program and they often re-hire me. As long as I have plenty of hot air left in me I’m still going to hang in there.

      • Henry, you are amazing – please contact me, I would love to see one of your shows. Ben at Ben Hewlett dot com. Thanks!

        • If you log on to henry Samuels Harmonica You Tube you will see me on top of a roof playing the selection from “Fidler On The Roof”. Chow’ Henry.

  12. Little did I think when I posted this video nearly three years ago that it would attract such interest. Thanks everyone for your fascinating replies and keep ’em coming.

  13. Rab

    This is absolutely the point of a blog and of the world wide web. Simply fabulous being allowed to be a bystander on this thread watching everyone find each other. Lovely, just lovely. Oh and a great video too!

  14. Its a very strange situation having tried to get on the show “Americas Got Talent” and yet I can hold an audience for 45 minutes and finish up with a standing ovation. I wish people would stop mentioning that I should try for that show as the shmocks that judge it don’t know of real talent. People don’t realise that many talent agents send their acts to promote them in order to recieve their commision.

  15. And here IS Henry doing his stuff….

  16. ron eadie again.just seen henry samuels play on video,my god ,bloody great.i still play at 72 and hope i will be able to sound like henry when i get to 87 if i’m lucky.I am very busy at the moment looking for a property in llandudno.I will get in tiuch with ex members i. e. nick mc nicol.and whoever else is out there when i’m settled.It’s exhausting even thinking of moving at my age, I thank god I am fit and well all the same,and able to blow yet .good night all you wonderful musicians.long life. ron

  17. Hi Ron,I’m replying on behalf of my partner Tony Farrow.He retired from the business many years ago and started boat building-he actually built the yacht in the last James Bond film.He retired couple of years ago and has taken up jazz guitar again-although very rusty.Dusty is sadly no longer with us.Tony would love to get in touch to mull over old times.Ann

    • Ann,

      I have emailed you with the email address Ron left when he made the comment.

      • Hi big rab,sounds like you are a scot like myself.I originate from kilmarnock.was a red coat at ayr & then Pwhelli,time of my life and the life line into the morton fraser harmonica gang in 1963 nov I was just one week with them at liverpool empire with norman wisdom panto when we were booked for sunday night at london palladium.what a baptism into the buisness.Thankyou for forwarding my e-mail address to Ann-Tony Farrows partner i’m so pleased with the connection.aue ra best Rab. Ron Eadie.

    • Dear Ann, I knew a Reg FARROW who always told me he was in the MF Harmonica Gang from the start for about 6 years. I have seen a film from 1946/47 and it is definitely REG, who I new from 1988-1997. He was a genuine player and obviously retired. The film clearly shows him. Was Tony a relative or did he know Reg?

  18. What a brilliant story is painted here, Rab … the connections are superb

    I’ve reposted this on Facebook, and hope it forges even more links on this chain of events …. Superb

    Occasionally, people bemoan the useless waste of time that blogs and facebook and other social networking sites are for them, and this surprises me ‘cos I’ve found it to be an astonishing resouirce which has re-acquainted me with loads of people, introduced me to some great new ones, and constantly supplied me with new music, articles, stories, etc.

    The Ben Lomond Free Press blog introduced me to Robert Ryan, moothie-player with the superbly named outfit “Harmonica Lewinsky”, and this blog item of his is an astonishingly touching example of what a wee blog can achieve

    Reading the thread of comments on Rab’s posting and a brilliant wee story unfurls concerning The Morton Fraser Harmonica Gang, who played on stage and TV throughout the fifties and early sixties, and who I remember watching with awe and great amusement in my youth

    Briliant stuff!!

  19. Nice to hear from you Stu. What great interesting people these are eh?

  20. There was an article about Morton Fraser and the Rascals on Page 10 of
    the April issue of Harmonica World. I wrote it with Clive Rees
    (Bristol) and it covered his audition in London as a replacement for
    Henry Sammels. There are other members in the National Harmonica League including Gerry Ezard and Johnny Stafford. I would be pleased if any other ex-members would contact me, Roger Trobridge.

    There is a detailed web page by Art Daane about the group.

    He lists – Henry Samuels – Peter March – Tony Rouse – Tony Vincent –
    Michael Jackson – Clem Ratcliffe – Walter John (Tiny) Ross – Harry
    Simms – Stan Kaye – Jim Garside – Nat Lees – Dave King – Don Cameron –
    Ronnie Cresswell – Don Paul – Gordon Mills – Ken Howell – Johnny
    Stafford and many others who received their schooling in show business from Morton.

    You can see Morton Fraser (Manny Fish) playing solo in the Pathe News footage until 1945 and the group formed soon after the war ended.

    As I said, please get in touch. Lets see if we can can cover the
    story in more depth.

    PS – Robert – the video at the start is by the Philharmonicas from a
    short film, Dipsy Doodler, which is one of many films excerpts from
    the old days which we show at our annual harmonica festival in Bristol every October.


    Chairman – National Harmonica League
    Registered Charity (England & Wales) No 1131484
    Editor – Harmonica World
    Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/FacebookNHL
    Videos: http://youtube.com/rtrob

  21. Thanks.

    I’m sorry that it’s been 10 years since I’ve been at the annual festival. I must try to attend – maybe this year who knows.

    I hope you wont mind my adding to the great interest of this thread Roger by pointing out that you are the man who developed Mars ice cream!

    I hope some of the guys get in touch with you.

  22. hi ann & tony.been away in llandudno for a week looking at property .It takes a bit of pleasing to find just the thing you want,which i havent yet.You asked which key I play “stardust in,and which version.I take the easy out and play it in”C” oh and it’s king cole’s version.I will phone soon Tony.hope you are both well love. ron p.s I looked up sandra and the boyfriends recently Faz and there was such a young Dusy & Faz.god how time goes enjoy it.cheers cardinal poof.ha.ha.

  23. I worked with Nolan Abbott at St. Helens Reporter in 1957 before he joined Morton Frazers harmonica Group and the last time I met him was in Blackpool where they were working in summer season. Has anyone any information on him please?

  24. Hi Frank. Ron Eadie here,I joined the act 63 or 64 Liverpool Empire Nolan was one of the boy’s.I liked him.He was a damned handsome man and interesting to talk to,I guess all you newspaper guys are.When the act retired in 1972.I was reping for a frozen food Co in Wolverhampton,had occasion to go to Wigan I found out He was working for one of the local papers and finished up in a pub of course had couple before he had to get back to the job.I cant remember the name of the paper but there cant be many in Wigan.His Wife is a lovely German girl”Crystel”. Hope this sparce info will help you regards Ron Eadie the last chromatic player of the gang.

    • Hi Ron, Did I meet you at Star Aluminium, Wolverhampton in the 70’s?,
      You wont remember me but I worked in the Production Office from 66 to 81….I think “worked” is probably the wrong word.
      I remember you advising me to get an equity card…said you thought I could get a part in Crossroads,…. gotta admire your sense of humour..Well, good news is, did’nt manage to get my equity card, got married in 74, won the Pools in 91 and lived happily ever after (so far)
      I hope you’ve found your place in Llandudno, although would’ve been nice to buy you a pint or three in the Trumpet.
      Be lucky,
      John Jackson.

    Hi Ron, did I meet you at Star Aluminium, Wolverhampton in the 70’s?
    I’m sure I did, I worked there from 1966 till 1981,
    Hope you found your place in Llandudno, although, I have a few mates in Bilston, and am usually there once or twice a month …… would liked to have bought you a pint or three….happy days
    John Jackson..office wallah..(before I won the pools that is).
    Be lucky.

  26. Wow this makes great reading as i did not know to much about my uncle Stan Kay, only that i met him only once in the early 70s. My Mother brought me a Harmonica for my birthday, and Stan came to visit, and blew me away with his playing… I heard many stories about the gang, my mother had a book of autographs of loads of big names, unfortunautly this book was stolen… Is there anyone here who knew Stan when he was young, as mum used to say to me that i was very much like him.. Dont really know much about Stans or Mums life as for some reason details were never spoken, and apart from my nans, and grandad on my father side, there was no picture painted, and its always been a mystery to me…

    • hallo there john i do remember you. we had a good session in the merryhill pub one afternoon we only drank half pints it was the banter and laughs that counted.actually those halfs worked for me great afternoon eh? hope to see you in the trumpet yet i aill be coming home soon for a few days with my daughter and grandkids while my son in law is at the grand prix in july .good to read your comment. regards ron.eadie

      • Hi ron, left a message further up this page, thot you might see this one. Kilmarnock many moons ago. I left too, but only to Glasgow. My life was theatre too, on the classical side, I was wigs mistress at Scottish opera and Scottish ballet for 25 years, strange eh? Hope you and yours are well. Would like to hear from you. Hazel Hunter nee Andrew.

  27. good God. Hazel love how are you.Nice to hear from you.I married in 1972 and lived in Wolverhampton for 40 years I now live in Lovely Llandudno,right on the sea front.have a lovely Daughter who has her own dance school and doing very well teaching Ballet & tap of course.I’m 75 now but still doing gigs here and getting on great,it keeps me from getting lazy etc,Hope you are well and happy.Bless you

    love Ron x.

    • Hi darling, thanku for replying, I,ve been married since 1975, my wean is a manager in a benefit centrte and has a lovely partner, I’m not destined to be a granny, worst luck. I do stuff at the Edinburgh featival and bits at stv but happy with that . toured for 25yrs and enough is enough. Glad that life is treating you well. You can still ‘blow’, fantastic. Be well and happy always. Stay in touch, I will too. All love hazel xxxx

  28. ron eadie ….just thought I’d try to contact Didi Wylde.We were in panto in Wimbldon way back before Pans People were ever formed.we got on great ,she was a live wire, We used yo have a drink in the club next door to the theatre. You will rememberGus the stage manager and his crew.All good guys.How could you forget Gus;s mate the one and only”Ollie Reed”What a guy.I heard some of the best gags ever from him.Hope you get this Didi I remember coming to your parents house in Chelsea back in 1965 .Lovely memories Didi.Do you remember the thing that made me laugh.You used to saythings like “Ron I just fell arse over tit then”You were only fifteen and you made me laugh so much.Hope tou are well Didi.Love to hear from you if you ever get this. I forgot to mention I was with Morton Fraser Harmonica Gang at the time.remember me?

  29. Hi Hazel,Thankyou for replying.Well, the weather here isn’t too bad though my wife was actually blown across the street the other day. We live on the sea front so one would expect it to be rough at times.Today is lovely,I;ve been out on the prom with my little king Charles dog the nice thing about walking dogs is,you get to meet so many people and instead of going out for ten minutes,it ends up three quarters of an hour.With the weather having been bad everywhere else. .With the sun out today the prom has ben heaving,cars parked along the front as though it was Summer.Pleased to know you had a good spell in the business.”cant beat it eh!”.Take care and be as nice as you always were.
    love Ron.xxxx.

  30. Hi RON, hope your wife wasn’t hurt when she was blown over. Your wee dog sounds lovely, we had two but both passed a few years ago now. Got two wee cats tho.Don’t miss the theatre but flet a sense of bereavement when I left after so long. Do oil painting now, don’t think jack vettriano has anything to worry about tho.I’m sixty eight nowe and wish I had learned sooner how to chill, been manic always. Glad your life panned out well, but you are a sweetheart so you deserve it.I’m grateful for all in my life too. Go to killie rarely, so downtrodden now a shame. My daughter is manager in a benefit centre in Ayrshire, she has one of the highest ‘benefit family ‘ rates in the west of Scotland. Kinda says it all, sad. Anyway honey stay well and your wife too. My husband is fine, glad too say. love you xxx

  31. Ron it’s me again, type in dee dee wylde dancer and pan’speople web site will come up with all their photos, click on her photo and her web site will come up. hope this helps

  32. I’m back hazel. Sorry for the sudden cut off.We’ve been away in Mallorca for the winter.I love that place,we wanted to move over there three years ago but with the fall in the euro,decided not to.go some friends over there so it makes for a nice break. you surprised me The time you spent in the business was almost a record, well done.I still love Llandudno but my wife isn’t so keen,shes missing the grandkids growing up.Looks like I,’ll have to put the for sale sign up, what a bastard, I love here but that’s show business ha ha.Hope you are well and still got your good looks.love from me. Ron.xx

  33. Mallorca, nice one ron.It’s a toughy thatn your wife can’t settle, ah well at least you gave it a go. Don’t know about the good looks hun, but I’m still a size eight, not bad for an old bird. Scottish opera was my passion but things changed and not in a good way, they get about 7.4 million in gItrants and had a rather cavalier attitude to money, disrespectful I thot. Lovely to talk to you, feel as tho no one remembers the past cos whilst I love Glasgow and my funny old house, my history is else where. Hope I’m not boring you hun. All love to you always, Haze.xxxxx

  34. Hi all
    It’s been a long time since I first made contact with Henry Samuels, I wonder if he is still well. I found some old pictures in my parents lofts of the Morton Frazer Harmonica Gang and my uncle Stan Kaye, I will try and get these posted soon.
    Does any one have an update on Henry as it is now June 2014?.



  35. hi hazel. sorry for delav but it gets tricky trying yo be invisible when writing to your ex love.My daughter and the kids are here at the momemt and she’s brilliant on this machine so ,got to be careful as you know.Summer here has been great oh, what a great show Glasgow put on.I loved every minute of it.I don’t suppose you saw any of it at the arenas I mean.I love sport and would have loved to have had ihe opportunity to have done.well hen I’m off to bed. Have you seen the bloody time? Keep well and happy love Ron x x x

    • Oh god Ron, didn’t realise it would be difficult for you to reply to an old friend you haven’t seen for forty four years. My husband knows that I email you, why not? The thot that you have to be careful has made me feel uncomfortable, it feels a bit grubby. Any way let me wish you well and say perhaps this wasn’t a good idea, it was just a blast from the past and in no way meant to be anything else. Glasgow madfe a fab job and I feel very proud. All the best. luv Haze xxx

  36. aw come on hen I didn’t mean to insult you I’d never do that ,you know me. anyway looks like we’ll be leaving Llandudno sooner or later .As I’m typing this I am looking out of the window at a lovely mixed coloured sky, it’s beautiful just like up the forgate ha! Did you ever meet Stanley Baxter over the years. He is a good friend. I haven’t been in touch for a while but I will,soon. Once again sorry if I hurt you hen.God bless you and yours
    love Ron x

    • No insult taken honey, just thot I’d made it difficult for you. Did meet Stanley, as you said lovely guy. Do you remember bill mcCue? Wonderful voice, died a few years back of lung cancer, brought on thru passive smoking sad. You sound sad tto be ;leaving your place Ron, but you’ll make friends wherever you go, you’ve always been a personable boy. Stay in touch, it’s nearly Christmas!! all luv haze xxx

  37. hi again hazel.as you said it’s nearly xmas.Well it’s Summer here and has been all this year.I cant understand it.I’m actually wearing shorts today .It’s so warm the town is very busywith visitors as it has been for months.Hope this is a sign of future weather.I didn’t know Bill McCue but knew he was big in Scotland.Bloody fags haven’t done me any good either I used to smoke 40 Bensons a day.I’m paying the price now with bronchitis.I’m on two inhalers every day.Still I’m playing as good as ever thank god.I gave up smoking in 1981 but I didn’t get away with it.I’ll sign off now love and have myself a whiskey and Canada bye for now
    love Ron x

  38. Damn the fags Ron, but as you say, you can still blow. Not warm here, quite frosty and chilly but the colours on the trees are gorgeous, I’m going to do a painting along those lines. Have a look at my art teachers paintings online his name is William Dobbie, wonderful painter. Sean Connery has a couple of his. Tell me what you think. All love Hazexx

  39. Hi my name is Duncan Brown. I am trying to locate a old friend who was with the Morton Frazer Harmonica Gang in the 60s KENNY HOWLE, we played music and hung out together riding motor bikes and playing gigs all over Birmingham UK, I have been
    living in the states since 1964 and lost track of him found his name on your web site can you please help me to locate this guy or l him know where I am and how to contact me.
    Thank You.

  40. Duncan, if you check through the messages above you’ll find that Ken is mentioned quite a few times. Sadly he died in 1995.

  41. hi hazel.yes I know.been a long time since.Hope you are well,It,s getting cold now and the blasted wind is powerful on the front My little dog gets me up in the early hours to go out luckily I always hear him,good job too.I got chick Murray on video the other night. God was he good! I told a few of his jokes at myDaughter Nicolas wedding,dressed in full highland dress of course.My favourite comic was Les Dawson.He worked with us in the birthday show at Coventry theatre Seven weeks.The Batchelors were top of the bill.Les had just won op knocks at the time and didn’t know anyone so we became good friends.The only thing was he couldn’t stop.you could be with him for hours and he wouldn’t stop telling jokes.I used one of his gags at Nicolas wedding dinner and went a bomb. I might as well finish on the gag that gag “The mother in law came up to me the other day and said,I;ve been watching you over the past few months,and come to the conclusion you remind me of the sea.I replied Oh is that because I;m wild and restless.She replied NO YOU MAKE ME SICK.I’ll have to go now love,good laugh eh! Have a wonderful xmas.We’re off to the daughters and son in laws forxmas, hope the roads will be kind to us God bless you and your family xxx

    love Ronx

    • good one Ron, have a lovely time. All thee best to you and yours for xmas and 2015. love haze xxx

  42. I am trying to find information on Ian junior Atkinson. I believe he was the guitar player for this group at some point. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  43. My Dad died recently, he often spoke about “little Wally Ross” and the Morton Fraser Harmonica Gang. I have a school photo with both of them on. It was of Class 5 taken at Westminster Road Council School, Liverpool in 1932. I assume Wally Ross was Walter John Ross whose birth was registered in West Derby the same year as my dads in 1922?
    If anyone is interested please do get in touch

  44. Hi, just found this thread looking into the Harmonica Gang. During this lockdown I’ve got to know my Neighbour and been looking out for him. Vince Galise who was in the gang lives next door to me and shared many great memories. I believe Vince’s dad was the Manager of the Gang ‘Tony Vincent’ who passed away in 2003. Vince often talks about the gang and they seemed amazing times for him.
    Just thought I’d pass this on.

    Take care

    • High Stuart, I’m not really sure if or how Vince fitted into this, but thanks for the info. Pops often spoke with affection about “little Wally Ross”, but that was many many years ago.

  45. Thank you very much. He was my friends uncle . We were doing the family tree and thats when she said about him. She use to call him uncle Sonny

  46. I am writing the story of Morton Fraser (Manny Fish), and Morton Fraser’s Harmonica Gang. If anyone has any information they would like to share of the member and the last years of the groups performances, please contact me.

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