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Walt Disney – The Hitler Connection?


The director of a Norwegian museum claims to have found cartoons drawn by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.

William Hakvaag, the director of a war museum in northern Norway, said he found the drawings hidden in a painting signed “A. Hitler” that he bought at an auction in Germany. The coloured cartoons included sketches of characters from the 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which were signed A.H., and an unsigned sketch of Pinocchio from the 1940 Disney film. There is no independent confirmation the drawings were the work of the Nazi leader, but Hitler is known to have owned a copy of Snow White and to have viewed it in his private cinema. Mr Hakvaag, who said he had performed tests on the paintings which suggested that they dated from 1940, said: “I am 100 per cent sure that these are drawings by Hitler. If one wanted to make a forgery, one would never hide it in the back of a picture, where it might never be discovered.”

The initials on the sketches, and the signature on the painting, matched other copies of Hitler’s handwriting, he claimed. “Hitler had a copy of Snow White,” he said. “He thought this was one of the best movies ever made.” Hitler tried to make a living as an artist before his rise to power. Nineteen watercolours and two sketches said to be by Hitler were sold in Britain two years ago for a total of £118,000.

Footnote: Maybe Walt and Adolf would have got along just fine. This is a synopsis of a biography written about Disney. Like the provenance of the painting above, we may never know the truth.

Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince is a biography by Marc Eliot, about the darker side of entertainer Walt Disney. Among the serious character flaws and deeds of Disney’s of which Eliot claims are his life-long anti-Semitism (including a deleted scene from the 1933 Silly Symphony Three Little Pigs in which the Big Bad Wolf dresses as a Jewish peddler), his covert employment by the House Un-American Activities Committee as a spy against Communists in Hollywood, intense right-wing politics (claiming he wore a Barry Goldwater badge when receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Lyndon Johnson just before the 1964 election and refusing to lower the American flag at Disneyland after the assassination of John F. Kennedy) and his fear that he was the illegitimate son of a Spaniard.

26 Responses

  1. […] bigrab wrote an interesting post today on Walt Disney – The Hitler Connection?Here’s a quick excerptThe coloured cartoons included sketches of characters from the 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which were signed AH, and an unsigned sketch of Pinocchio from the 1940 Disney film. There is no independent confirmation … […]

  2. Hello, my name is Cynthia Miller. I am an aspiring artist and art collector ( mostly a happen across type). I have a sketch that is signed Adolph Larf(s)en 1914. I am trying to find reference of something I saw on a tv program that said around that time Adolph Hitler used an alias that my have been Larsen due to his run in with the law. In researching his work I have found that the style seems to fit very well. Do you know where I might go to authenticate this? Mostly I’d like to sell it and see that it is preserved for histoical purposes.

  3. Cynthia, Adolph Larsen was a Danish artist and a fairly well known one at that. Your date would seem to fit. I can find nothing of Adolph Larf(s)en but I do know that Hitler used at least one alias and that was Shicklgruber (sometimes Shucklgruber) but he may have used others.


    I hope this helps


  5. I have got to say this is pretty cool. Hitler, the hitler, loving snow white and drawing the characters. this one of dopey looks very good which is why i have a problem with it. Adolph Hitler tried twice to get into a school for drawing and they turned him away both times because he could not draw people, the human form, or faces decently. This picture is way to good to have been drawn by a man that could not draw faces or facial expressions. But i guess if the big shots say it is true we should all believe them and not take history into account.

    • It’s not a well drawn human form or face… That would’ve never got me into university. As a cartoon/illustration it’s not bad though.

  6. But supposedly Hitler loved dogs.

    It is also rumoured that he had a wee willie and had considerable problems rising to the occasion.

    Which is why he never had any children…supposedly.

    • Hitler could not draw HUMAN faces and human forms… This is why they went the route of cartoons.

      If you do more research on the “dark side of Disney” You will realize that Walt Disney and Adolph Hitler were one and the same person. Hitler’s rise to power was facilitated by the cia/FBI/ and more importantly the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Warberg banking dynasty that funded BOTH sides of WW2. Disney was in charge of propaganda for the American side of the war (over 90% of disney’s money and employees were dedicated to producing ww2 propaganda), Hitler (and Goebbels) were in charge of the German propaganda side. But to ensure they banking families had total control over both sides of propaganda, they had the SAME point man running both sides. WALT DISNEY aka Adolph Hitler.

      It’s no secret Disney was a closet Nazi.

      It’s also no secret that Disney “disappeared” during 1939-1945 the height of the war. … in 1939 the BRAND NEW CIAA (center inter american affairs) was created and headed by none other than Nelson Rockefeller who “officially” sent Disney to South America for a 5 year long public relations campaign (however nobody saw Disney in public) of course the CIAA was dismantled in 1945 at the end of the war, Hitler “disappeared” and Disney “reappeared”!

      Then of course we have the “skull of hitler” with the bullet hole in it, claiming to be his…. that when tested in 2008 was confirmed to be the skull of a woman under 40.

      Look at Disney and Hitlers first 25 years of life. They are identical (Hitler’s bday is 1889, Disney’s “official” bday is 1901, but his DISPUTED bday is 1890!)
      born in one city, drop out of school after the frist year and moved to a new city to try and sell their art! (htiler born in austria then went to germany. Disney born in Kansas, goes to Hollywood.) Both men were in Europe for WW1. and then in the early 30’s both men appeared out of nowhere to take front and center stage in the USA and Germany. playing very opposite, yet supporting roles.

      Besides all the facts and evidence… just take a look at their picture. Same height, same weight, same facial features. same age… and most importantly exact same ear structure (which is more accurate than a fingerprint)

      This information will become public knowledge soon enough. I hope you can all deal with the fact that everything you “know” and have been taught… is a complete fabrication to shape your very perception of reality.


  7. […] 26 Jul 2009 Walt Disney 3 Jun 2008 A Visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum 28 Sep 2009 Walt Disney – The Hitler Connection? 26 Feb 2008 walt stanchfield books 25 Feb 2009 var mLink = null; var mProvider = null; […]

  8. […] Germany?  Hell no, we thought, “wait, this looks familiar…hmm…”  Well, except for, like, Walt Disney and Henry […]

  9. […] Germany?  Hell no, we thought, “wait, this looks familiar…hmm…”  Well, except for, like, Walt Disney and Henry […]

  10. see this pic of walt

  11. […] by the day. And that’s saying something. This is a company that was founded by a guy who supported the Nazis antisemitism prior to World War II, made some wildly racist cartoons and then opened the world’s first sanitized utopia. And that’s […]

  12. There is a new book out that says Hitler and Eva high tailed to an island in Indonesia and he lived til 1970 something.Eva returned to germany when her father died and they ran a medical clinic under and assumed name they got from a doctor who died…I can give more details but the book comes out very soon if not already.Interesting theory if nothing else.I don’t think Hitler and Disney were the same person,but I’ll check it out and if I change my mind,I’ll post!

    • Wow, I noticed your comment, I have looked at the material and I must say biometric ear analysis is a good way to tell. The evidence shows
      that they were the same. You have to get past the crude nose putty they put on the Hitler character. It is such a wild ride when you start getting these. talk about reality shifts.

  13. there are individuals who believe hitler actually was walt disney, and two other guys, they would shuffle them back and forth and were zionist shills

  14. Ever tried Google? You can look up pictures as well. It’s really amazing. Now, look up the picture of Walt Disney, and take a look at it and ask yourself the following question: “could this guy be Adolf Hilter?”……. NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL JOSE!!!!! What the hell is wrong with you people….

    • Yeah,seems far fetched.it would make a good movie,1945 onward,the version of Adolf aND Ava faking their death, escaping to Indonesia,pretending to be doctors or administrators of health and etc…But realistically,I just don’t think so!

  15. Oh and have all the disney cartoon characters hanging on the walls of the health clinic in Indonesia…

  16. does hitler shave that silly mustache grow a beer gut? Does Ava lose her girlish figure?


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