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Kevin Ayers

Strange how you associate records with places. I shall forever think of Iona when I hear Kevin Ayers. In 1976 I went camping there with a friend. We were 16 and it was our first real taste of freedom. My friend’s older brother was working at one of the two hotels on the island and was staying in a wee bothy in the hotel grounds with another guy who was also working there. He had been told to ‘keep an eye on us’ by our mothers. The other guy played Bananmour by Kevin Ayers constantly.

This extract from Kevin Ayers Website is brilliant:

“This site is presented by Kevin Ayers’ management. Kevin is aware of the internet, but he doesn’t have a computer let alone an internet connection. He wishes people still sent telegrams. He is very touched by the kind messages left in the guest book and that there is still space in music collections for his efforts.”

The track here, Decadence, is the one I particularly remember from that summer more than 30 years ago. One of a few Ayers songs that refers to Marlene Dietrich. He had a thing for her obviously and doesn’t look unlike her in the above photo! Enjoy this track.

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The Word,The Naz and Lord Buckley

Not for the first time a posting at Alastair's Heart Monitor gives me the opportunity to post something related here. Not only that, on this occasion it has meant that I got my finger out and repaired my phono deck which has been in a coma for about five years.

Alastair's posting was about fascinating 1950's jazz artist Lord Buckley (If you click on the link above it takes you to Alastairs posting) and a monologue almost a rap he performed half a century ago called The Nazz. This reminded me of a record I had when I was a DJ which was a version of the Naz (one 'z' this time) by John Sinclair ('The Word') who it turns out was involved with Trevor Horn in the Buggles and starred in Video Killed the Radio Star. Horn was (I don't know if he still is) also married to Sinclair's sister.


 If you click on the photo above you'll be able to read the sleeve notes

I was knocked out by this record when I first heard it. Remember being released in 1979 it pre-dates any of the modern rapping records even Rappers Delight. I was convinced it would be a massive hit. It sank without trace.



The Naz

The Word



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Laid Back Bakerman

In a previous life I worked as a DJ and this I think endowed me with a much more catholic taste in music than I otherwise would have had. What are we to make of this by Danish Group 'Laid Back'? The lyrics make no sense  whatsoever although I believe the phrase sawubona kunjani wena is a greeting in Zulu. It does sound at one point as if he's singing 'suck a boner' (!) The video is bizarre and naff. It is Europop trash. I love it.

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Oh Dear!

Yesterday's game was spoiled by two things, a totally inept refereeing performance and Rovers raising their game to defeat the Sons 2-0 with two very good goals. The ref booked Sons player Niall Henderson for a tackle and blatant dive by former Son Barry Donald, and then issued a second booking and dismissal as another former Son John Gemmell rattled the ball deliberately off him at a free kick when Henderson hadn't got out the way. He also awarded an indirect free kick in the box for a passback that never was, completely ignoring a two footed tackle by Gemmell on the keeper in the process. Absolutely no complaints about the final result but I hate games where the main talking point is the ref.

Many thanks to Rovers director Pat Rolink and chairman Frank Meade for their hospitality on the day.

Where now for the Sons? Well I fear that despite the element of unfairness to yesterdays result and that Sons go through managers like clean shirts, it really has to be the end for Gerry McCabe. He's a nice guy with an excellent reputation as a coach but I wonder if he has ever really got to grips with what is involved with managing a part-time side.

I'd personally like to see a guy with experience and a track record at our level come in. Someone like Neill Watt who took Stranraer to the first division and who is currently out of the game.

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