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From Tragedy To Farce




It really is hard to know what to think about the continuing saga of the disappearance of poor little Madeleine McCann. However it is also hard to see who, if anyone, comes out of the investigation which has followed with any credit. The picture on the left was quite seriously shown (as a sketch of the suspect) around the holiday resort where Madeleine disappeared from by the police in the early days of the enquiry.







Now almost six months (that's right six months) since the disappearance, one of the McCanns' friends with the aid of an FBI trained artist has come up with this picture of a man she says she saw carrying a child away. Presumably the man (it is a man isn't it?) has a mouth, nose and eyes but they're not pictured. He was apparently wearing Chinos and a purple top which may have been burgundy. It could be Michael Jackson. It could be the newsagent who served me this morning (or indeed his son).

What on earth is an experienced media man like Clarence Mitchell doing lending creedence to this picture which can surely do nothing at this stage to assist the enquiry?


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Newton Faulkner




Just picked up this album (Hand Built by Robots) by Newton Faulkner. Just my cup of tea – singer/songwriter, unfussy production, good arrangements and thoughtful lyrics. This track is called Uncomfortably Slow.

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Mary Queen of Scots Watch

Thank you to the Watchismo Times for this fascinating piece about Mary Queen of Scots watch. I have reproduced the article here:


I'm celebrating the week leading to Halloween with a variety of spooky timepieces!

Not long before Mary Queen of Scots had her own head chopped off, she had this bone chilling silver skull watch made. The case is opened by dropping the under jaw, which turns upon a hinge, while the watchworks occupy the place of the brain.

Likely one of the earliest examples of horological "Memento Mori" (artistic reminders of ones mortality).

See all my past Memento Mori watch posts–>Link


The original engraved dial with 18th century modified to a balance-spring movement by J. Moysan of Blois, France.

Early representations of the watch
(before photography proved its existence)

It is believed Mary gave this watch as a gift to Mary Seaton, one of her maids of honor. The skull is of silver gilt and is engraved with lines of Horace, figures of Death with his scythe and hourglass, Adam and Eve, and the Crucifixion. The lower part of the skull is pierced to emit the sound when it strikes, being cut in the form of emblems of the Crucifixion. The works occupy the brain's position in the skull fitting into a silver bell which fills the entire hollow of the skulL The hours are struck on this bell by a small hammer on a separate train..

She sure must have been a barrel of laughs…

There's something about Mary…

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Another Great Result

Unbelievable performance by Rangers tonight I thought. Of course Barcelona are by far and away a superior team to Rangers and I think the shots tally was something like 16-4. However apart from a handful of superb saves from Allan McGregor, Thierry Henri, Roaldinho and co never really posed much of a goal threat. It was a thoroughly professional performance and lets hope for the same from Celtic tomorrow in Lisbon.

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Kelvin McKenzie You Tube!

Sunday Song



OK fast and loose without a safety net etc. This is my first attempt at a photo montage. I wrote a song today (I always seem to have the muse on a Sunday) to back it and this is the result. When I say wrote a song it is a series of verses with no chorus and they are just a few thoughts on a theme.

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Great T.V. Themes

I notice from the press today that the winner of the best childrens' TV themes is the theme from the 1960's adaptation of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Presumably the people who voted were all of a certain age!

To say I loved this programme would be an understatement. I often imagined I was Crusoe and played games based on the story. I'm sure any boy who watched the show was affected in the same way. The idea was so exciting and the character of Crusoe brilliantly portrayed (in a 1960's way anyway) by Robert Hoffman.


                                     If you are a 60's or 70's child, try watching this without any emotion.


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