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There’s A Trout On the Ferry!

Thoroughly enjoyed Walter and his band at the Ferry  last night. This guy can play and has played with the very best, John Mayall and John Lee Hooker amongst them.

As you can see from the pic (which I took with my phone) the drummer was playing behind a glass screen which meant that the sound wasn't blasting out thus further damaging the hearing of the predominantly male audience aged 35-60. There was so much hair and ugliness on stage that one could have been forgiven for believing that one had stumbled in to the opening scene from MacBeth! Walter's bass player was the nearest likeness you'll ever see to Jerry Springer in a wig!

Walter and his band play no nonsense rockin' blues and they are to a man accomplished musicians. Heck! I even found myself enjoying the drum solo!  

The title I've given to the photo is an actual quote from a member of the audience when trying to get Trout to turn round for a picture! I felt a wee bit out of place in the audience. I don't have an earring and I wasn't wearing a t-shirt proclaiming a long established rock act, I don't have a tatoo and I'd left all my waistcoats at home! Anyway this I think has given me the taste for going to a few gigs over the winter months.

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