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Be-Bop Deluxe

I know my friend the Tomahawk Kid will appreciate this. From 1976 the marvellous Bill Nelson and Be-Bop Deluxe perform Ships in the Night on the Old Greay Whistle Test. You may recognise bass player Charlie Tumahai (a well known New Zealand musician sadly no longer with us.) from another OGWT appearance with Stealers Wheel I posted in August View Here



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Hard Times For Mourinho!

This is no ordinary edition. This is the "Special One"


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The Lie Detector.


I saw an article on ITN which set out to explain how difficult it was to cheat a polygraph or lie detector test.Apparently it is almost impossible to hide your sweaty brow and twitching sphincter when you're asked if you exaggerated your insurance claim, slept with your secretary or murdered your wife and buried her in a landfill. I had a look around an found www.polygraphs.co.uk , the website of a company called Distress Services, who offer their expertise thus: 

"From cheating husbands and wives to accusations of sexual abuse, Company theft to pre employment screening, Distress Services can offer advice and unique expertise in all aspects of the polygraph and lie detection. All enquiries are treated in confidence."

I have heard that although polygraphs are difficult to cheat they are far from an infallible method of telling if someone is lying. I would have thought that a system which relies on nervous reaction would not be able to filter out entirely the person's nervousness in being in an interview situation in the first place. It does however seem to be an increasingly high profile and presumably lucrative business as Distress Services site further explains:

"Bruce Burgess – Is employed to conduct polygraph tests for ITV's "Jeremy Kyle Show" and the UK production of the "Jerry Springer show".

As well as the above both Bruce and Guy have appeared on a number of other television productions. Distress Services offer unique expertise and experience to individuals and organisations across the UK, Ireland and Europe."


Jeremy Kyle? Jerry Springer? – It MUST be kosher!


There's a link to the ITN article (which centres around a company offering their employees the opportunity to try a polygraph in their lunch hour!)


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National Poetry Day


It was National Poetry Day yesterday which reminded me I haven't posted any Robert Service for a while. Here he is describing what he was all about.






Lowly Laureate

O Sacred Muse, my lyre excuse! –
My verse is vagrant singing;
Rhyme I invoke for simple folk
Of penny-wise upbringing:
For Grannies grey to paste away
Within an album cover;
For maids in class to primly pass,
And lads to linger over.

I take the clay of every day
And mould it in my fashion;
I seek to trace the commonplace
With humor and compassion.
Of earth am I, and meekly try
To be supremely human:
To please, I plan, the little man,
And win the little women.

No evil theme shall daunt my dream
Of fellow-love and pity;
I tune my lute to prostitute,
To priest I pipe my ditty.
Though gutter-grime be in my rhyme,
I bow to altars holy. . . .
Lord, humble me, so I may be
A Laureate of the Lowly.

— Robert Service

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Dida Ruled Out Of Tig Championships.

AC Milan keeper Dida was tonight ruled out of the World Tig Championships following a horror injury sustained at Celtic Park Glasgow. Dida who was in the running for the top spot in the WTC was struck down by a gifted unknown from Glasgow. The amateur tig player cornered Dida between two posts and a net and managed to tig him and shout "You're it" before making a clean get away. Dida attempted to tig him back but was unable to catch the nimble young man .



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