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    "Great read every day. Makes me smile as Rab muses about music and his irreverent views on the EU. Tune in, you won't be disappointed."

    "Excellent 'Blog' which can be controversial at times, while maintaining it's humour. Keep it up Big Rab!"

    "Updated every day with doses of good humour, political satire, a running commentary on the progress of author's home football team and his life."

    "Pure brilliant, so it is - I never miss it, though God knows, I've tried."

    "An inspiration to start my own blog"

    "For dipping into it's better than pakora sauce"

    "Anyone who doesn't like the EU and has a soft spot for Albion Rovers can't be all bad"

    "Facile and False"

    "Populist,puerile and prosaic"

    "Utter pish! Keep it up, I love it!"

    "People may also find the Ben Lomond Free Press blog illuminating, interesting and/or amusing. It’s not mentalist as such but familiar themes emerge. I particularly like accounts of encounters with strange elementals (of course! ELEmentals!) from elfin safety. And the fact that the blog is run by someone who plays in a blues band called Harmonica Lewinsky."

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Derren Brown

Derren Brown in the U.S.A. posing as a spiritualist medium. He is using a trick technique called cold reading. Still more convincing than bloody Derek Acorah!

"I'm getting someone! is it Mac? Mac the Slipper! no! Jack the Ripper!"






Here Brown takes on nine world class chess players simultaneously. He doesn't beat them all but by trickery he wins the majority.

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When Harry Enfield Was Funny

This hilarious clip from the 90's sees Mr Cholmley-Warner explain 'Congugal Unpleasantness' with the assistance of Grayson and Mrs. Grayson.

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