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100 Records That Changed the World

I'm indebted to my good pal Russell aka the Tomahawk Kid http://thetomahawkkid.blogspot.com/ who posted this article http://thetomahawkkid.blogspot.com/2007/05/100-records-that-changed-world.html


Mojo magazine recruited a panel of musicians to nominate the records that moved the earth for them and published the top 100 which I have reproduced below.

In the style of the 100 Books meme, copy the list to your own blog, bold or highlight the records you have in your collection or your iTunes library, then add a record that changed your life that didn't make the list. After you've finished come back and leave a comment, it would also be nice if you linked back to here from your post.


100 Gnarls Barkley : Crazy : single
99 The Stone Roses : The Stone Roses : album
98 Iron Maiden : Iron Maiden : album
97 Television : Marquee Moon : album
96 Donna Summer : I Feel Love : single
95 Green Day : Dookie : album
94 The Libertines : Up The Bracket : album
93 Nina Simone : To Be Young Gifted & Black : single
92 The Strokes : Is This It : album
91 Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five : West End Blues : single
90 Phuture : Acid Tracks : single
89 Oasis : Definitely Maybe : album
88 Queen : Sheer Heart Attack : album
87 Radiohead : The Bends : album
86 The Animals : The House Of The Rising Sun : single
85 Sonic Youth : EVOL : album
84 The Shadows : Apache : single
83 The Cure : Pornography : album
82 The Jesus & Mary Chain : Psychocandy : album
81 The Band : Music From The Big Pink : album
80 The Smiths : This Charming Man : single
79 Pixies : Surfer Rosa : album
78 Nick Drake : Five Leaves Left : album
77 Gang Of Four : Entertainment! : album
76 Big Youth : Screaming Target : album
75 R.E.M. : Murmur : album
74 Carole King : Tapestry : album
73 T. Rex : Get It On (Bang A Gong) : single
72 Bruce Springsteen : Born To Run : album
71 Public Image Ltd : Public Image : album
70 The Kingsmen : Louie Louie : single
69 MC5 : Kick Out The Jams : album
68 Brian Eno : Discreet Music : album
67 Billie Holiday : Strange Fruit : single
66 Love : Love : album
65 Joni Mitchell : Blue : album
64 David Bowie : Low : album
63 Marvin Gaye : What's Going On : album
62 Can : Tago Mago : album
61 N.W.A. : Straight Outta Compton : album
60 John Coltrane : My Favourite Things : album
59 The Upsetters : Blackboard Jungle Dub : album
58 Fairport Convention : Liege & Leif : album
57 The Byrds : Sweetheart Of The Rodeo : album
56 Pink Floyd : Arnold Layne : single
55 John Lennon : John Lennon : Plastic Ono Band : album
54 Chic : Good Times : single
53 Neil Young : Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere : album
52 Buddy Holly : That'll Be The Day : single
51 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band : Trout Mask Replica : album
50 Stevie Wonder : Innervisions : album
49 The Doors : The Doors : album
48 The Rolling Stones : Sympathy For The Devil : album track
47 Sam Cooke : You Send Me : single
46 Joy Division : Unknown Pleasures : album
45 The Ronettes : Be My Baby : single
44 The Who : My Generation : single
43 Miles Davis : Kind Of Blue : album
42 Various : Nuggets : album
41 Link Wray : Rumble : single
40 The Beatles : Revolver : album
39 New York Dolls : New York Dolls : album
38 Lonnie Donegan : Rock Island Line : single
37 Jeff Buckley : Grace : album
36 The Stooges : Fun House : album
35 Davy Graham With Alexis Korner : 3/4AD : EP
34 Bob Marley & The Wailers : Exodus : album
33 Michael Jackson : Thriller : album
32 Jimmie Rodgers : Blue Yodel #1 (T For Texas) : single
31 David Bowie : The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars : album
30 Hank Williams : Move It On Over : single
29 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five : The Message : single
28 Patti Smith : Horses : album
27 Nirvana : Smells Like Teen Spirit : single
26 Charlie Parker : Koko : single
25 Black Sabbath : Black Sabbath : album
24 The Clash : London Calling : album
23 Howlin' Wolf : The Rocking Chair Album : album
22 Ramones : Ramones : album
21 The Beach Boys : Pet Sounds : album
20 Led Zeppelin : IV : album
19 The Rolling Stones : (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction : single
18 Aretha Franklin : I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You : album
17 Bob Dylan : Like A Rolling Stone : single
16 The Beatles : Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band : album
15 James Brown : Papa's Got A Brand New Bag : single
14 The Jimi Hendrix Experience : Purple Haze : single
13 Woody Guthrie : Dust Bowl Ballads : album
12 Chuck Berry : Johnny B. Goode : single
11 Frank Sinatra : In The Wee Small Hours : album
10 Sex Pistols : God Save The Queen : single
9 Ray Charles : What'd I Say : single
8 Various : Anthology Of American Folk Music : album
7 The Velvet Underground And Nico : The Velvet Underground : album
6 Robert Johnson : King Of The Delta Blues Singers : album
5 Kraftwerk : Autobahn : album
4 Bob Dylan : The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan : album
3 Elvis Presley : Heartbreak Hotel : single
2 The Beatles : I Want To Hold Your Hand : single
1 Little Richard : Tutti Frutti : single


A single that had a great effect on me was Doctor Feelgood's Back in the Night which I bought in 1975. I played it with my first band when I was 17 and we still play it with the Lewinskys. It was my first Blues/R&B purchase and introduced me to the genre.





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The Peoples’ Game

Two stories from yesterday's sports pages caused me great concern. One was the report that some English Premiership footballers could soon be earning £200,000 per WEEK. The other was the appointment of former Rangers player, and current football agent and radio pundit, Gordon Smith as chief executive at the Scottish Football Association. To me the two biggest singular disasters to hit the beautiful game in living memory are 1) The Bosman ruling, where clubs could no longer command a fee for a player who was out of contract and 2) The growing influence of the football agent (brought about by (1)!)




Now I am familiar with the old cliche that football is a short career and therefore young skillful footballers have to make hay while the sun shines. But £200,000 per WEEK? come on! The game is hemmoraging money at a time when facilities for young footballers are woefully inadequate. Football pitches are being sold off for housing (much of it the kind of housing fit for a wealthy young professional earning say £200k per week!)


In the halcyon pre-Bosman days small clubs could nurture a player and give him the first chance of playing competitive professional football. If he showed promise a bigger club would come calling and pay perhaps a six-figure sum to the smaller club for the services of the player in recognition of the work done by the smaller club to develop him. In Scotland one can think of deals like Davie Cooper from Clydebank to Rangers or Murdo McLeod Dumbarton to Celtic. The transfer fees in each case allowed the smaller clubs to build stands at their stadiums. It was a win-win situation. The big club inherited an already experienced professional player and the wee club got a windfall payment to encourage them to bring on more talent.


When Belgian footballer Jean Marc Bosman challenged this system in the courts he won. This was a delight to people like the late sports journalist Alex Cameron who bleated on about players being treated like slaves. This of course was nonsense as even then they were well paid.

Now nearly all the money which circulated within the game and filtered down to the smaller clubs thus assisting in the nurturing of young players is lost to the game. It has filtered in to the pockets of young daft guys who can go and buy another BMW 4×4 when their old one needs a wash.

The role of the football agent has been an unedifying one in all of this. There are players at Scottish first division clubs, whose attendance may be less than 2,000 souls per game, earning upwards of £2,000 per week. Another story in the sports pages yesterday spoke of a scheme where fans of Glasgow's third club Partick Thistle could contribute £100 per month to a player wage pool to attract better players to the club. The truth is that Partick Thistle and other middle ranking clubs in Scotland should be run on a staff of part time players within the means of the club.

Not that any of this will bother the new Chief Exec of the S.F.A. He is a big club man and by his pronouncements on Radio Scotland I have a fairly good idea where he stands on the minnows of football. Of course it is important that the Old Firm and the other larger clubs maintain a standard in European football. I do have a feeling though that a wholistic approach to the problems facing the game at all levels is essential. Football Clubs are an important focus in the community in many small and medium sized towns in Scotland. They need a wee bit more encouragement and incentive to maintain and develop that role and to believe that they can progress as reward for endeavour. As it stands the wee clubs are signing guys on one year deals on a kind of merry go round. This is the financial climate in which they operate.

It probably won't be long until the English Premiership sees the first million pound a month footballer. Even in Scotland some players are on £30k a week. It would be nice if Gordon Smith could see the benefits for everyone by trying to divert more funds to the smaller clubs to assist with youth development. This would help to redress the balance of the transfer fees that the clubs used to receive before the agents piled in on the back of Bosman.

Most of the quotes on Smith's appointment have been positive. The commentators see him as a "football man".

I hope they're right but I hae ma doots.











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