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North Korea Prepares





The following picture is of a parking bay similar to that occupied by the chancellor’s car. Using your skill and judgement, what does the signage suggest to you?


How likely do you think it would be for an Eton and Oxbridge educated man who occupies the second most important cabinet position in the UK to be “unaware” that it was a disabled space?


A Touch of Class

So the BBC has an on-line class calculator whereby you answer a few questions and they tell you what recently redefined social class you belong to.

Can you resist the temptation to discover if you’re Boris Johnson or Rab C Nesbit?

Click on the image below to take the test.


It almost makes you nostalgic for a simpler time:

Quotes of the Day

“North Korea nuclear strike could hit UK”

Who do you think said this today?

Kim Jong Un?



And who said this?

“Philpott case shines light on Welfare State”

A fuckwit?



I’ve got to admit it’s getting better

Yet more proof of spring developing.

The Ben last evening about 6pm:

No bad for a mini digital camera.


Clearly Heard

Lenny’s up before the SFA again….

The Guardian reports “Lennon was clearly being sarcastic in his comments to Goodwin following the midfielder’s strong challenge on Celtic’s Dylan McGeouch. The Northern Irishman was heard to say: “Well done Jim, you’re a fucking hard man, eh? You fucking fanny.”
The article continues…….
For his part, Goodwin has shrugged off the affair. He said: “McGeouch had just come on, I flew into a tackle with him and Lenny was just protecting his player. He barked a few words at me and I have no problem with that.
“I’m just happy the Sky microphone wasn’t close enough to pick up my unprintable reply or else I’d be in trouble myself.
“Lenny probably wouldn’t have spoken to me again if he had heard my reply, but it was all a top bit of football banter and I have no problems at all.”

Lennon commented after the match:

“That is by far the most appalling refereeing performance I’ve seen this season. For both sides. How he got so many big decisions wrong in one day is beyond me.”

Well Neil, had you waited until Tuesday and gone to New Douglas Park you’d have seen much worse from Craig Charleston. My Stars though! Bad language from a football manager – who’d have thought?

And then there’s poor old Fransisco Sandaza. There were Rangers wondering how to get rid of him and an obliging taxi driver posing as an agent hoaxed him into saying stuff which unknown to Sandaza was being recorded. Rangers duly sacked him for being picked up on mic saying things he shouldn’t have. It is not known where this leaves Charles Green although there is surely no truth in the rumour that Green has supplied the hoaxer with another fifteen telephone numbers.

What about new Sunderland boss Paolo Di Canio? Paolo insists he’s not a Fascist but it looks as if he has been there, bought the T Shirt and sang the song. Apparently the Mussolini family have denied that they are Sunderland fans so hopefully that’ll take the heat off Paolo. One wonders why all the sudden interest when he’s been employed in the UK as a footballer and manager for many years and the fact that he is 1) Plainly bonkers and 2) A Fascist have been public knowledge for quite some time.

Mind you it’s not the first time that people in football have been in bother due to inconveniently placed microphones…..


Clear as Mud

Les Gray the Hamilton Accies chairman is actually in a tribute band for Mud, they’re called ‘Fud’ and they do an amusing angle on some of the old hits.

All night long, it’s been plain to see
We’ve had more decisions from the referee
We’re full time in this town
We’re SPL 2 bound
With a crowd of nine hundred and forty three…….

That’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right – I talk a lot of shite
That’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat – We’ll get there if we cheat

We’ll get there if we cheat

If we cheat
If we cheat
If we cheat


Talk about Dunfermline if you like
Why don’t you all just go and take a hike?
We’re for the latest wheeze
Survival is a breeze
With all the dough Donkeyster’s gonna gie’s……..

That’s right that’s right that’s right that’s right – I talk a lot of shite
That’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat – We’ll get there if we cheat

We’ll get there if we cheat

If we cheat
If we cheat
If we cheat

Fool time!

(Middle eight!)

I know the crowd was less that that last night but 943 rhymed


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