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Cassetteboy v Obama v Romney

To my readers in the eastern USA

And I know there are a few.

If you’re reading Jeni, I don’t think Sandy is going to hit Maine? I hope not and I hope you guys are all safe and well.

Edit: I realise now that Maine has indeed been very much affected and that the hurricane has wreaked havoc in the state and all down the eastern seaboard. In Maine alone 85,000 are without power. From the cold, wet but seemingly safe side of the Atalntic I can only repeat the hope that you guys are ok.

Mitt Romney’s Magic Underpants

I had thought that yesterday’s link to the youtube clip about Mormon underwear was pretty funny.

Not as funny as real life as it turns out.

Yes folks, part of the Mormon hokum belief system is that they will be free from harm by their wearing of special protective shreddies.

Not armour plated you understand just common or garden white cotton with a few Masonic symbols sewn in…..

There are apparently tales of people surviving against all the odds because of their supernatural simmet and drawers.

I think my favourite bit of the clip below is at 1 min 27 secs where an old chap earnestly recounts how a Mormon lady was burned all over her body in a plane crash except for the area of her body covered by her ‘garment’

I note the guy at the start of the clip is described as a “Christian minister”. As he disses the Mormons whist simultaneously stuffing his face, I’m thinking that to some of us, the beliefs of this cocky individual (virgin birth/resurrection/miracles) are just as bizarre.

No matter, I just can’t shake the image of an American superhero who wears his underpants hidden from public view unlike Batman and Superman.

Secret, magic underpants.

Like Clark Kent’s Krypton, Mitt Romney also has a special relationship with a heavenly body – i.e. the planet Kolob. Maybe the underpants can fly you there?

Flying by the seat of his pants?


Sure sounds like Mitt Romney.

The Tide is Turning

With a Mormon in the US Presidential race:


Here is a Political Broadcast on behalf of Barack Obama

US Presidential campaigning – 1960 style

Another Planet

I see that Rick Santorum has quit the race to be the Republican candidate for the US presidential election leaving the path clear for Mit Romney.

Rick of course is a bit of a space cadet. However I can’t be the only one to worry slightly that the possible future president of the USA believes that God sits on a throne on the planet Kolob.

New York Lonliness

Dorothy Counted

Dorothy Counts being mocked by an entirely white audience on enrollment day at Harding High School. September 4th, 1957

It must have been horrible. Grace under fire.

She is a hero, a fifteen year old should not have to go through this, being mocked by kids AND adults. The loneliness and disgust in her face is heartbreaking. Yet she endured it and and made history, showing us what humans are capable of.
There must have been people who symphatised with her and the cause…why did they not step forward and strech a hand to her?

(Thanks Welcome Friends)

Click here for the story of Dorothy Counts.



Santorum -New Shock!


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