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Alan Partridge is Alive and Well.

This is ‘broadcaster’ Les Ross on BBC West Midlands ‘interviewing’ Hardeep Singh Kohli. Thanks to Tom Morton for the heads up on probably the most toe-curlingly embarrassing radio interview you will ever hear. Quite how Kohli manages to refrain from multiple obscenity is a mystery.

Do EU Blog?

Today the European Parliament will vote on whether to continue with measures to regulate independent media sources, blogs to you and me. Marianne Mikko an Estonian centre left MEP thinks that individuals should not be able to blog anonymously amongst other measures. These apparently could include a licensing system and a register of declaration of interests.

This is Gawain Towler. He is currently the Press Officer and Co-Chief of Staff of the UKIP MEPs in Brussels. Before that he was a journalist and the founder of the Brussels investigative and satirical magazine, “The Sprout”. At this time he was also the Brussels correspondent for Private Eye and wrote for a number of national newspapers, principally The Sunday Telegraph.
Now whilst I am a Euro sceptic I would not I think generally find many kindred spirits in UKIP or the Conservative Party. Indeed I’m sure it won’t be long before some wags will comment on the gagged and bound picture being de riguer for right wing politicos.
However I have a great deal of sympathy for Mr. Towler (not least for his monicker) who has been ordered by his Euro employers to take his blog down for being ‘ironique et eurosceptique’ and for breaking his contract of employment. The blog and story is HERE

Separated at Birth

Celtic are chasing the signature of American goalie Dominic Cervi. Artur Boruc had better watch his back!



Time to Change the Record

New Labour is now Ruth less

More time with her family apparently. I posted this cracking quote by Ruth (Kelly) back in July.

“We also want to be sure, given the socio-demographic mix in the Heathrow area, that we fully understand how airport development might affect different groups in terms of race, disability, age or gender.”

Also in the afterglow of what commentators are regarding as a fine speech by Gordon Brown we had one Scottish Labour MP on the radio yesterday (tried unsuccessfully to catch who it was but it was on Radio Scotland lunchtime news). To precis his remarks they were:

blah blah blah……….we have listened to the electorate……………blah blah …………..global economic conditions…………blah blah blah no-one better than gordon…… blah blah……… harworkingfamilies……….blah blah tough choices…..blah blah blah…… harworkingfamiliesclick


Hearts Broken?

It's a deal!

Heart of Midlothian FC is owned by Vladamir Romanov, who owns the bank Ukio Bankas of Lithuania. Hearts staff have not been paid this week. Here is the latest financial report on Ukio Bankas.

VILNIUS – Rating agency Standard & Poor’s said on August 26th that it had revised its outlook on Lithuanian AB Ukio Bankas to negative from stable.

At the same time, the ‘BB’ long-term ratings  and ‘B’ short-term ratings on the bank were affirmed.

The outlook revision on Ukio reflects what S&P believes is “the bank’s  heightened credit risks arising from uncertain economic prospects in Lithuania where the bank operates.”

“In addition to the deteriorating economic conditions, we believe that  Ukio’s credit risks have increased because the bank has experienced very high  loan growth in the past 12 months in an untested operating environment that is  exposed to macroeconomic overheating,” said Standard & Poor’s credit analyst
Miguel Pintado.

“Standard & Poor’s considers that Ukio is exposed to high credit risk through its loan portfolio growth of over 100% in the last 18 months. This is well above the overall Lithuanian market lending growth rate, and most of the loans are to the riskier small and midsize enterprises and  retail leasing sectors.”

Although asset quality indicators remain at “relatively comfortable” levels, the first six months of 2008 have already seen a deterioration, with nonperforming loans increasing, S&P noted.

Standard & Poor’s considers that Ukio is likely to face increased  pressure on its asset quality as the economic conditions in Lithuania  deteriorate. The outlook also factors in the expectation that Ukio will be  able to maintain its relatively good financial performance and garnering of  market shares in core business lines, while maintaining capital levels.

“The outlook could revert to stable if our concerns over the operating environment abate and the bank’s asset quality proves resilient while it continues to deliver sustained profitability and strengthen its commercial and
financial position. Conversely, a weakening financial profile or operating environment, contributing to higher credit or market risks, could put downward pressure on the ratings,” S&P said.

Here IS the Hardworkingfamily!

Hardworking Family (hard work not pictured)

This picture appears in its original context here on a page on Labour’s website entitled ‘supporting hardworking families’. Indeed it looks as if this family needs supporting. Despite Labour’s 11 year period in government, the carpet and decor look as if they were purchased on the shopping expedition when dad (left) also bought a new 8 track player for his mark 2 Cortina. One also has to sympathise with four people sharing a brown dralon covered armchair.

New Labour – supporting patterned wallpaper (and net curtains)

Glittering Gordon.

Yes folks today was the Prime Minister’s make or break day with a key speech to the Labour party conference. What was his big idea? what was his rallying call to the troops? what was that killer line that would galvanise support and get the government and his leadership back on track?

Here it is.

Are you ready?

“What happened with 10p stung me because it really hurt that suddenly people felt I wasn’t on the side of people on middle and modest incomes – because on the side of hardworking families is the only place I’ve ever wanted it to be,”

‘Hardworking families’ is the most hackneyed glittering generality in politics. Politicians use the phrase in a vague manner, with the intent that the listeners, by dint of the positive connotations, perceive the politician to be referring to them; and with the intent that listeners agree that anything to the benefit of “hardworking families” is right and anything to the detriment of “hardworking families” is wrong.

Brown’s fucked. He’s just proved it.

The TV Evangelists (3) Ted Haggard

The latest in the series taglined ‘you just couldn’t make it up’

Ted Arthur Haggard (June 27, 1956) is a former American evangelical preacher. Known as Pastor Ted to the congregations he served, he is the founder and former pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado; a founder of the Association of Life-Giving Churches; and was leader of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) from 2003 until November 2006.
In November 2006, he resigned or was removed from all of his leadership positions after he admitted patronizing prostitute Mike Jones for homosexual sex and methamphetamine. Initially Haggard denied even knowing Mike Jones, but as a media investigation proceeded he acknowledged that some allegations, such as his purchase of methamphetamine, were true. He later added “sexual immorality” to his list of confessions.
After the scandal was publicised, Haggard entered three weeks of intensive counseling, overseen by four ministers. On February 6, 2007 one of those ministers, Tim Ralph, stated that Haggard “is completely heterosexual.” Ralph later said he meant to say that therapy “gave Ted the tools to help to embrace his heterosexual side.”

Haggard is a strong supporter of George W Bush and claimed to speak to the president every Monday. He is credited with having delivered the evangelical vote to secure Bush’s victory in the last US presidential election. Here (before the inevitable scandal) Richard Dawkins asks him some questions.

Here is Haggard’s view on himself homosexuality.

And here is his Jimmy Swaggart moment…..

Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

Did you hear the one about the American investment bank which failed, precipitating a global financial crisis? and then the bank was bailed out by the taxpayer? and then the staff shared a $2.5 BILLION bonus? you didn’t??? then click here.


I bumped into another sad bastard who supports Dumbarton and writes a blog kindred spirit yesterday, Simon Barrow. It was good to finally make Simon’s acquaintance. He lives in Exeter in Devon so therefore doesn’t make it to too many Sons matches!
He’s a good lad which I could already tell from his blog.

Simon and Bigrab. (steady ladies!)


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