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John Prescott’s Battle with Slimmers Disease.

Edit 22/01/09

This posting has attracted more hits than any other on my blog. Please do not read any further if you have come here looking for advice or information on eating disorders. There are plenty of sites on the Internet which carry such information but this is NOT one of them. The following post is a satirical one about British politician John Prescott. If you suffer from an eating disorder,  this posting will not help you and it may offend you although this was not my intention when I wrote the posting

You have been warned.


Further edit 02/09/09

I no longer share Mr Prescott’s weight problem having now shed my excess!

Yes indeed in the “political headlines you thought you’d never read” dept. this one is surely in the top five along with “Thatcher exhausted by charity volunteering”, “Tebbit suffering from compassion fatigue” “Salmond attends psychiatrist to cure shyness” “Paisley and McGuinness given Nobel Peace prize” ……..no hang on…….

Now please let me freely admit that my ideal weight is somewhere around 20lb. (ok two stones) less than I am carrying at the moment so I am not going to laugh at Prescott for being a fat bastard (although one would have to say that he is). No, what amazes me is that this guy is claiming that he vomited after his binges. One has to wonder what size “The Mouth of the Humber” would be if he hadn’t upchucked a tin of condensed milk, three fish suppers and a whole Marks and Spencers trifle apres-binge.

My theory is that Prescott had bulimic amnesia of some kind. This means that either he forgot the vomiting part or has a false memory that he did it at all!

Absolutely brilliant piece about this in the Daily Telegraph by Craig Brown CLICK HERE to read it in full but here’s a “taster” (oh! stop it!)

“Prescott: my secret battle with bulimia,” ran the headline in The Sunday Times. His autobiography – for which he is said to have been paid £500,000 – is now being marketed as a misery memoir.

A secret battle with this or that can add an extra zero to the asking price, and most commentators have dutifully gone along with the idea that bingeing on burgers was beyond the poor fellow’s control.

They believe that his decision to come clean about it after 20-odd years is “brave” rather than opportunistic or shameless.

Hey presto! Weakness becomes courage, gluttony is no longer a vice but a virtue, and pigging out is miraculously transformed into noble suffering.

No doubt the memoirs will sell like – erm – hot cakes. So why not go the whole hog and have headlines such as “Prescott: my secret battle with croquet”? Or “Prescott: my secret battle with posh cars and free mansions”? Or “Prescott: my secret battle with my fly buttons”?

John Prescott

Sufferer from Bulimia

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12 Responses

  1. [...] of hits over the last few days, mainly from Brazil and the USA , for my piece a while back about John Prescott and his ludicrous claiming of victim status on account of him being a greedy bastard. Also I had [...]

  2. I was wondering if you could give me permission to use the picture of that girl with bulimia in a news story i am working on. It is almost finished, and i really like the photo. If you got it elsewhere, let me know where that would be. I will credit this blog if it is your photo. Please get back to me asap. My email address is (edited to remove Eve’s email address)

  3. This is DISGUSTING.
    How DARE you mock such a serious disease in such a careless manner. If you knew anything about bulimia (a simple google search would do the job – though obviously someone with your mind capacity may find that task rather difficult) you would realise that bulimics are not necassarily underweight – WRONG DISORDER. Get your facts right before making idiotic articles such as this one.

  4. Regan, This article mocks John Prescott, a British politician who claims to have had Purging Type Bulimia. He is in my opinion an odious character and fair game.

    It is not intended to mock genuine sufferers of bulimia and I apologise if I have given that impression..

  5. John Prescott, an odious character. I know that the Scots are known for understatement, but that takes the biscuit. Have another few or a hundred John.

  6. Sorry, but i have to agree with Regan!.
    This is so not funny, and really immature. I myself have an Eating Disorder, and know many people who do also.
    Bulimics are NOT always underweight, some can be overweight. When sufferers binge, it can be very high in calories, over 2000 in some cases, and if John Prescott didn’t purge untill maybe 15mins later, then that is understandable why he hasnt lost weight. The body absorbs calories as soon as they enter the mouth.
    Digestion starts in the mouth, and so purging does not rid of all of it. But it keeps your stomach empty. Also, most sufferers you see, may purge 5 times a day, he may only purge after a couple of binges. Either way, it is a serious illness, how can you mock him?
    Calling him a ”Fat Bastard” Won’t help with anything.
    Mental/Eating disorders are NOTHING to poke fun at. i hate it when people say ”How can they have an ED, theyr not thin enough!?!”
    1.That will only push people on
    2. You do not have to look like you have an eating disorder, to have one.

    I think it was so brave of him to come out and sell his story to be honest.

  7. Fiona, I have great sympathy for you and I understand what you say. However I must disagree on John Prescott. I have no sympathy for him at all. He had the means and opportunity to seek help for his alleged eating disorder but it appears that he did not do so, preferring instead to try and garner public sympathy (and book sales) by portraying himself as a victim. Not ‘brave’ in the least.

    This is a man who cheated for years on his wife, allegedly sexually harassed colleagues’ wives, beat up members of the public and was generally regarded as a lumpen oik by his colleagues at the UK parliament. He abused his ministerial position in many other ways.

    To quietly donate some of his wealth or book income to an eating disorder help group or charity would have been brave and selfless. I would be very surprised if he has done this but would concede the point if he has. Otherwise I’ll be happy to continue viewing him as a fellow fat bastard.

    Once again if any of this upsets anyone with an eating disorder I apologise unreservedly but I can’t have a blog like this and go around walking on eggshells.

    They’d all crack pretty quickly!

  8. Why make a cheap joke out of such a serious condition? You should remove this posting.

  9. For the last time the “joke” is on John Prescott. Presumably he still suffers from an “eating disorder” as he is roughly the same bulk as he was when he was guzzling and upchucking pizzas and Marks and Spencers trifles. If he has recognised this in his book then surely he would be wise to seek professional help instead of continually “suffering”.

    Or is he just a middle aged man who eats too much and is hanging a label on it? If so, isn’t John Prescott the one mocking sufferers from eating disorders?

    And no I won’t remove the posting.

  10. I think anyone with a eating disorder needs to know with out a shadow of a doubt you are loved!!! Jesus loves you and so do I. Nomatter what we think of ourselves the bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made…

    • You so are right! I’m a christion, and I think that someone should do something about anerexia and bulimia! It’s so sad to see these women and men like this! I feel for you guys, and God, me and everyone out there will be praying for you guys who are suffering from these!!!

      We all love you and hope the best!!!

  11. F A O Mr John Prescott
    I have an idea to generate electricity at a very low cost
    andtotaly carbon free.
    i have had a meeting with the St Helens MP Mr Shaun Woodward he has sent a letter to Mr Ed Miliband.
    I am trying to get to speak to Mr Richard Brason To develop this.
    Bill Welsby

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